Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nero Vivo

With a menu as vast as Nero Vivo's, there are bound to be both hits and misses. On our most recent visit, we encountered more misses than hits.

The complimentary bread isn't on the menu, but it's a surefire hit!

Pan-fried potato-crusted duck foie gras with light port wine reduction and grapes. A creative preparation, but I'm not sure it worked. The crust was oily and didn't do anything to enhance our enjoyment of the liver.

Risotto cooked with saffron and served with roast quail in its own jus. Not the best risotto ever, but the tender, flavourful quail helped to make it less bland.

Homemade olive gnocchi with baby squid and zucchini in light bisque. Another strange, but ultimately unsuccessful, experiment. The sauce tasted overly Oriental, making us long for gnocchi in a more traditional four-cheese, pesto or even tomato sauce.

Nero d'Avola IGT Vino Rosso Tenimenti 2006.

Nero Vivo,
Jalan Ceylon.

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  1. looks like they r at least playing around with the menu..nero teca been having the same menu since i first visited..although im not complaining!

  2. But how went the gnocchi texture? Did they get it right? I've been to NV only once, and I can't say I'm too impressed...must have been one of those missed nights!

  3. never mind :) better luck in your hits next time!
    *fingers crossed

  4. hehe..all these Nero -nero places..have yet to try any!

  5. joe: yeah, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! :D
    550ml: texture was fine. not too hard, not too soft. if only they had matched it with the right sauce, i might have raved about it!
    leo: maybe stick to the "safe" dishes next time!
    nomad: start with nero teca ... that's the one that most people seem to prefer. :D

  6. what is the point of being a food blogger if we only stick to usual food???
    This place serves pork right???

  7. true ... but sometimes the safe dishes offer maximum enjoyment. :D
    nero vivo is actually pork-free, but nero teca (just a short walk away) has lots of pork!

  8. All these nero-nero places... same mgt???
    Since I can't eat beef... Nero-Teca seems to be best bet for me :)

  9. :(

    does not sound good.

    too many plc down the street to pick from as well, right?

  10. leo: yeah, i guess it's the same management. not 100 percent sure cos i never make friends with restaurant owners. :D
    ciki: yeah, there are at least 6 purely italian outlets within walking distance from each other! nero vivo, nero teca, ciccio, bar italia, delucca, chiaroscuro... i might have missed one or two!

  11. may be u all should try another nero in damansara...NEROFICO

  12. We weren't impressed with Nerovivo either - even their pizzas weren't great. How can you go wrong with pizza??? But we love Neroteca...

  13. nha: hmmm i'm not sure i've tried nerovivo's pizzas yet. but yeah, if they combined the food at teca with the setting at vivo, it could be a much better restaurant :D

  14. Great review and pics. I do like this place. See my comments here:

  15. ms. tindall: ahh, there's been an ownership change here? interesting! :D