Monday, July 13, 2009

Golden Triangle @ SohoKL

Golden Triangle seems overshadowed by its flashier neighbours at SohoKL, but it's certainly worth checking out. The ambience is lovely, the service is warm and the extensive range of Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian food is not bad at all.

The restaurant has been offering an a la carte, all-you-can-eat promo for RM54+, with dishes cooked on order and beverages aplenty (except for alcohol, which is charged separately). It's an excellent bargain, with no hidden costs.

Tom yam seafood soup. Devilishly spicy; even a tiny bowl overwhelmed me.

Butter pineapple chicken. Sounded promising, but was forgettable.

Fried namprik rice. Surprisingly tasty; savoury, sweet and sour all at once.

Seafood otak-otak in fresh coconut. A rich, creamy pleasure, packed with lavish portions of prawns, squid and fish in an eggish paste.

Claypot tang hoon prawns. This was even better; addictively flavourful stuff.

Mussels with basil leaves. Not bad; the mussels were reasonably fresh.

Songkhla lemon steamed fish. Meaty and tender, but not exactly exciting.

Thap thim krop provided a sweet finish to a satisfying, incredibly filling dinner.

Golden Triangle,
Tel: 6203-0713


  1. Sounds interesting. Must give this place a try. Read quite a few reviews of it from Penang bloggers.

  2. yeah, this place seems to be struggling to attract customers, so do give it a shot. the all-u-can-eat promo is really worthwhile.

  3. Yet another part of KL that I have never been to before. Must give that a try too... The problem about staying in Central KL is that I become too complacent to travel outside my "comfort zone" since almost everything is available here.

    The claypot Tang Hoon looks promising, as the Mussels in Basil. Thanks for waking me up!

  4. Seafood otak-otak in fresh coconut looks interesting

  5. wow... so many places to go for me in Soho KL!! I gotta admit... I've never stepped into Solaris before... not even once!!!
    But then the lure of the Thai and Vietnamese food will prove irresistable for my wife

  6. @boo.errmm..i think the ones u read frm the invited reviews of the Pg bloggers is Asean terrance, not this one.

    Sean: yes, its kinda overshadowed by its neighbour Ole ole right? But all the above (and more if u can stomach it) at RM54??

  7. android: actually yeah, there are enough good outlets in the city centre to keep ppl satisfied without ever needing to venture out! :D
    ciki: yeah i remember having something like that in bkk before, but haven't seen it often in kl
    leo: check it out while the promo is still on!
    nomad: ouh, actually i think boo was referring to the golden triangle's original outlet, which is somewhere in penang. but yeah, there's also an asian terrace in solaris. and yeah, ole-ole enjoys better business. all the above cost RM108+ cos it was shared by two of us.

  8. RM54 all you can eat is a really super deal! I have my eye set on the seafood otak otak! Shush, cholesterol police, be still!

  9. yeah, a fine deal with no hanky-panky involved! that otak-otak will definitely fulfill your cholesterol requirement for the week! :D

  10. wow sounds q cheap n the food looks pretty good

  11. yep, try it the next time u're looking for a place in sohokl...