Friday, July 17, 2009

Sutraa @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Changkat's newest outlet is now also the only Indian restaurant on this street.

Minced veggie kebabs mixed with mango ketchup. Not exactly what we had expected, but I liked this. It could have been more flavourful, but the soft, baby-food texture was a treat.

Kofta stuffed with plums and almonds in tomato gravy. Supposedly a dish that's served at every wedding in rural India. Yeah, I can kinda imagine this in a buffet spread. The kofta tasted ordinary and forgettable, but the thick, sweet-sour gravy was the saving grace.

Murg Tikka Kandahari, the house speciality. Boneless chicken cubes steeped in cumin with cream, cheddar, garlic & coriander, glazed in the tandoor. Not as impressive as we had hoped. The meat could have been fresher.

Bharvan Kulcha (bread stuffed with potato & spices). Went well with the food.

Twice As Nice (vodka, midori, blue syrup, pineapple juice) and Sutraa Glass (a mysterious cocktail with secret ingredients).

Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2144-7788


  1. I've gotta admit, apart from Sao Nam... I have not been to any of the places in Changkat Bukit Bintang area :(

  2. sao nam is a good one! well, no hurry ... u can take your time to check them out...

  3. so many more outlets to try there...

  4. so many places, so much time! :D

  5. Never ventured there, but my usual joint for indian cuisine is kohinoor. Sao Nam's Mangosteen Salad is exquisite. In season now.

  6. hmmm i liked kohinoor back when it was on yap kwan seng, but haven't checked out its capsquare move.
    ahhhh yes, that mangosteen salad is a culinary wonder. mangosteen is my favorite fruit anyway. :D

  7. Horrors! Is Sao Nam@BB closed? Suddenly mengidam their mangosteed salad, called to make reservations, but number not in service any more, both at BB and hartamas.