Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eccucino @ Prince Hotel

Need to beat those mid-week blues? Eccucino offers a free flow of wine and beer every Wednesday in its RM88++ buffet dinner.

The spread covers the basics. Nothing unusual here, but everything tastes OK.

Wednesday night is also Grill Night; tiger prawns, slipper lobsters, squid, lamb, spring chicken and sausages are available to be grilled on order.

Voila! No fear, all the items are prepared pretty well. The lamb remains succulent, the prawns aren't dried out, and the sausages are as juicy as can be.

But the real reason to come here is the booze. We didn't ask what wine they were serving, but both the red and white were decent (not fantastic but OK lah). Worth the money for customers who can hold their alcohol.

Eccucino Brasserie,
Prince Hotel & Residence.
Tel: 2170-8888


  1. Yes yes.. i heard their dim sum is really good too! Very fusion-ed apparently..only on weekends.

  2. but the grilled items look so charred, ... burned, if you will.

    nevertheless, the sashimi cuts with wine should get the crowd going ...

  3. thenomadGourmand - dim sum is at Tai Zee Heen la... not Eccucino :) but I have to agree, the dim sum is really good!! comparable to Imperial Hotel's Celestial Court... but it's only worth if you have Prince Hotel's Privilege card.

    Sean... to me, the buffet spread for Eccucino is so so only. I think Latest Recipe in Le Meridien, Lemon Garden in Shangri-la and The Spread in The Garden Hotel are good... the rest have yet to try :)

  4. nomad: yeah, the dim sum is at prince hotel's chinese restaurant, but i haven't tried their weekend promotions. the hotel's outlets are all not bad actually. :D
    j2kfm: heheh... yeah it looks a bit charred on the outside, but still moist inside. gives it a bit of a smokey flavour. :D
    leo: yeah, it's one of those dinner buffets that you can get at any hotel, but the free flow of wine makes it slightly special at that price. :D

  5. so how many glasses have you managed to gulp down??

  6. ermmm ... about eight...

  7. Good drinker!!! not tipsy at all after that??
    At your rate... it's ROI!!!

  8. my tolerance level for alcohol is fairly high (dunno whether that's a good thing!) :D