Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Bar @ Carcosa Sri Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Stepping into The Bar is like traveling back in time to a lost era when British gentlemen thronged their favourite watering holes to take a break from managing Malaya's rubber plantations. You can almost imagine their ghosts hovering here.

Maybe we should have ordered gin and tonic to preserve the illusion, but we had some lovely (though bloody pricey) red wine instead.

The Bar,
Carcosa Sri Negara.
Tel: 2295-0888


  1. whats with restaurant stating the obvious..

    i read awol the Restaurant

    now its the Bar

    Whats next i wonder?

  2. You were only there for wine???

  3. joe: The Hotel? The Shopping Mall?? :D
    leo: yeah, got no food served at the bar ... except for those usual peanuts that i didn't photograph :D

  4. Carsosa Sri Negara..whtcha expect ;)
    Oh..they got restaurant here serving food or not?

  5. This is the one place that I really would like to go.

  6. nomad: gooot... one malay, one french :D
    eiling: it's open every evening from 5pm onwards