Saturday, July 4, 2009

Extra Super Tanker @ Damansara Kim

A terrific place to savour scrumptious Chinese cuisine with innovative twists.

The star dish is the roasted duck "Chinese sandwich-style." Bored of Peking Duck? This is a tasty alternative, with crisp duck skin and fried pancake tucked inside soft layers of bread.

The rest of the roast duck is excellent even on its own. One of the best in town.

Fried crab meat with egg and pine nuts. Nice and fluffy, not oily at all.

"Thousand layer" crispy beancurd stuffed with ham. The beancurd was wonderfully silky.

The pork rib was OK, but you'll find better elsewhere. The taste wasn't quite right.

Fried rice with yam and salted egg yolk. A bit bland, except for the yolk chunks.

Extra Super Tanker,
Damansara Kim.


  1. Whoa.. so u do eat Chinese tai chow food! LOL.
    No la.. jz teasing ya.

    fried egg with the crab meat is my all time fav. Gd to knw here they got it fluffy here. the chinese sandwich is definitely makin this plc worth a visit!

    Oh yeah, for the fried rice too..I luv mah fried rice!

  2. I love that twist to eating roast duck! Beancurd looks good, and it is nice to see they put pine nuts in the fried egg. We have been meaning to revisit since CNY but not done so.

  3. nomad: heh. chinese food can be comfort food. :D but i think u can skip the fried rice here. it tastes kinda sterile.
    boo: this was actually my first time here! i'd like to return to try the stewed pork soft bone, which wasn't available that evening...

  4. LOL.. hey! I thought that you are not familar with PJ roads??? This place is rather secluded :)
    I was just discussing with my wife about going here for lunch or dinner not long ago... and poof! ur post is up... they have opened another outlet in The Club @ Bukit Utama (nearer to my house)...
    The duck is already on my must-eat list, will also try the crab.

  5. very secluded! followed the map on the restaurant's website, but still nearly got lost.
    crab sounds good. yeah, this place seems to be worth a few visits to try more items. :D

  6. ur chinese meal in like .. how long ar..:P

    I like this plc. it smells musty but the food iz good! didja go chkout the online bar nearby.. i think u'd faint .. but i like the guinness thr :P hehe

  7. Ooo, the roasted duck "Chinese sandwich-style looks delicious. Think it might be something that the English might enjoy (coz they love Chinese roasted ducks and with bread, quite sure they'll like it), haha! Just my assumption. Would love to try it out!

  8. ciki: ouh, i've heard about online bar/pub, but didn't know it was nearby. heheh ... btw, i actually don't like beer. :D
    sugar bean: but everybody likes roasted duck! :D

  9. checking out yr post again!
    gonna be here on 4th feb! Hope they order the duck!!

  10. tng: that's one of their specialties, so they better order!!!