Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toh Lee @ Nikko Hotel

We headed here to check out Toh Lee's Fruits Fiesta promotion this month, which combines traditional Chinese favourites with Malaysian fruits.

The deep-fried chicken with durian was the most fascinating dish, with chicken slices slathered in fresh durian pulp. If you despise durian, you'll despise this. The taste of the fruit utterly overpowered the chicken.

The deep-fried scallops with rambutan were a bit boring. The scallops were fresh and went well with the rambutans, but the overall effect failed to thrill our tastebuds. Pretty pricey too for a rather small portion.

Some items on the regular menu also caught our attention. The pumpkin with salted egg and shrimp was wonderfully creamy, though the taste was surprisingly bland.

Deep-fried Sichuan duck with bananas sounded like an irresistible combo, but we had mixed feelings about this. The batter was very good, lacking any excess oil, but the smooth blend of duck and bananas left little impression taste-wise.

The egg white with cod and pomelo was terrifically prepared. For once, the subtle flavours that this restaurant seems to favour suited this delicate dish perfectly.

The least successful platter was the roast chicken with potato chips. No real complaints _ the tender meat was enveloped in fairly crisp skin _ but not outstanding. The chips made no worthwhile contribution.

Their signature fried rice was satisfying though, brimming with goodies and packing a marvelously fragrant taste.

Toh Lee,
Nikko Hotel.


  1. Almost all the dishes were meat fried with fruits. Not that terribly imaginative. Maybe they should try stewing meat and fruits instead eg. Pork and unripe papayas, and more salad style dishes as well like the pomelo + cod thingy.

    They serve pork spare ribs fried with durians at Aunties Ssam in Imbi which serves a pretty decent fish head curry.

    Anyway, false alarm about Sao Nam. They are still open. Had their mangosteen salad yesterday.

  2. hvnt been here in yoinks la..

  3. durian and chicken??

    yeah noticed the same thing as paranoidandroid..all fried 1 ler?

  4. Maybe the Chefs could get some inspiration by travelling and exploring this region more. I remember a stall in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, separated from Laos by a river.

    They sell Laotian Pork Chops. Succulent Grilled Pork with Lemongrass, Deep fried Glutinous rice balls served with Thai Belachan, and Thai Papaya Salad. Their version of Pork Chop. 60 Bahts. I'm still having wet dreams about that. The place was packed, and it only opens from 6pm to 10pm.

    And another restaurant in Krabi was stir fried sesame chicken with rambutans (sliced).

  5. chicken with POTATO chips? were the chips from canisters? or freshly fried?

    brought down the value a notch or two though.
    and durian chicken?!! sounds funky, but you're probably right. overwhelming.

  6. That's a lot of deep fried stuff in a night!!! 4!
    If you are there for dinner.. Toh Lee is offering 50% off for all dishes only for Citibank credit card holders :)
    Jalan Ampang... gimme a nightmare everytime I was on that road!! Never fail to frighten me with the heavy traffic

  7. gosh, if you say its pricey, it must be EXORBITANT!

  8. android: gosh, u're well-traveled. :D am thinking maybe it's hard to incorporate too many exotic or spicy flavours into chinese cooking...
    ciki: seems to be less popular these days...
    joe: yep, all the mains were fried. even the one we didn't try, stir-fried fish with starfruit.
    j2kfm: we suspected they were pringles!
    leo: should have used my friend's citibank card. arrrrrgh! yeah, but i work in the city, so jln ampang is not that difficult to reach...
    fbb: RM80++ for six scallops. not worth it...

  9. Wow Sean, ya blog happenin now yeah? Soon yr comments will exceed most of us!
    Hv u tried this Auntie Sam in Imbi? pork ribs w durians..its imprinted in my brain now..

  10. nomad: no la, that will never happen! i've been wanting to try auntie ssam ever since it was first reviewed in the star last year. nyonya food! :D

  11. "The chips made no worthwhile contribution"... BOO! Chips ALWAYS make some form of contribution, even if it's just to add that JUNK manufactured aspect to an otherwise traditional dish! :-P Only us plebs will understand!

  12. i like good chips as much as the next potatohead, but these seemed to come straight out of the cheapest can that carrefour can offer! :D