Monday, July 20, 2009

House + Co @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Click here for previous review of House + Co (June 30).

The chicken rice was one of the healthiest I've ever had, with chicken breast cooked in foil and barely any hint of oil in the rice. Taste-wise, this won't provide shockwaves of pleasure, but ripples of of satisfaction can be expected.

Red velvet cake. Not bad, but not at its best, since it was four days old.

Brandy truffle cake. Pretty decadent. The cakes were kept in a display counter that wasn't prominent enough, but they were still flying off the shelves. Every table seemed to want some.

House + Co,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2094-4393


  1. 4 days old?!! i never eat anything more than 2 hrs old ;-p

  2. yar man FOUR DAYS OLD?! sheesh.. u knew this yet u ordered it.. sucker:P ROFL

  3. hazlin: but no stomachache after that :D
    ciki: curiosity killed the cat...

  4. i dont remember u taking pics.

  5. i operate surreptitiously...

  6. Is their operating hour only during noon??

  7. they seem to be open for dinner as well...