Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Countess @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

A cosy outlet at Plaza Kelana Jaya's lakeside with very friendly service. But tread cautiously while choosing from the menu, which has both hits and misses.

The Royal Banquet, comprising generous cuts of lamb, beef and chicken, was better than expected. The meat was succulent and well-marinated. Reasonably priced at RM32, this could easily have fed two not-very-hungry people.

The Countess Seafood Platter was not as satisfying. The prawns weren't quite fresh enough, the dory fish came in a soggy batter, and the squid was rubbery.

But we should have skipped the onion rings. Too bland.

The Countess,
Plaza Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 7875-6485


  1. Oh... I suppose sometimes it's better to stick to the tried and tested places to avoid disappointments, but then, it would not be as fun. Some of the fun in flogging is in bitching about iffy places too!

  2. yeah, we must be adventurous! but i try not to criticize too much unless the food really deserves it.

  3. 1 hit, 2 misses :)
    serve alcohol???
    Plaza Kelana Jaya... are those shops next to LDP???

  4. Oops, doesn't look like a good meal. You post really frequent! Do you eat out very often? We wanted to post more often too, but don't eat out that often...

  5. leo: yep, tons of beer and cocktails! the place is a bit hidden off the ldp. can't see it from the main road, so it's not the shops. but look out for a big signboard that say "rain bistro."
    sugar bean: yeah, i can't cook, so i eat out everyday. having dinner with a friend or two is a good way to unwind after work. :D

  6. hi, the taste is actually quite good, i try before during lunch!

  7. karen: thanks for the comment! will try to check it out again... :D