Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Magic Wok @ Damansara Jaya

A pleasant family restaurant with a wide variety of well-cooked dishes that would satisfy everyone from Grandpa to Baby Nephew.

A decent BBQ combo of herbal roast duck, siew yoke and char siew.

Magic Wok's signature "yuen tai." Succulent pork encased in a shimmering layer of fatty skin. Absolutely delicious, but not the healthiest item on the menu.

Pan-fried pork ribs drenched in a glorious sweet sauce. Finger-lickin' good. I could happily have eaten a dozen of these.

Lotus root with macadamia nuts. Fresh, crunchy and well-prepared.

The Magic Wok,
Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya.


  1. invite me la nx time to makan ;p, Unka stays like 5mins awy..

    anyways..i been craving nyonya food for the whole week.but no one to join me for The Wok. Tht plc been gettin some very different reviews n tht got me curious...

  2. eh ya lar, i also haven't been to the wok. the one at kota damansara, rite? jom, let's go soon.

  3. Sometimes they do promotion for the whole duck... but I have yet to try that!!
    how come I always forgot to come here?? Jenn used to tell me that the foods are commendable :)
    I also want to go to The Wok... but do inform me earlier... possibly organise during the weekends.. ok???

  4. yeah, they seem to hype the duck, but it tasted decent only. not really outstanding. but the yuen tai was fabulous.
    oops, was thinking about wednesday next week after work actually. cos weekends are currently bad for me. eh what's your direct e-mail ar?

    I check my email often... except for weekends coz no internet access back home. anyway, I'm only in KL on weekends... unless got work la..

  6. looks excellent esp the ribs

  7. porkilicious indeed!