Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Berlin Biergarten

A welcome addition to SohoKL, Berlin Biergarten exudes a cool, laidback vibe. As its name suggests, it specialises in sausages, pork knuckles and lotsa German beers, but the lighter fare is also intriguing.

The carrots tossed in dark beer seem like a unique choice, but non-fans of beer should skip this. Definitely an acquired taste.

Scotch eggs. One of the best in KL. The eggs are stuffed in warm pork meat with fresh herbs, served with cranberry sauce, apples and mustard.

Spicy chicken sausage salad with crispy butter croutons. Kinda forgettable.

German Fly (rum, malibu, blue curacao, triple sec, pineapple juice, sour mix) and Cream of Berlin (kahlua, baileys, milk, cherries).

Berlin's Eye (vodka, midori, malibu, blue curacao, orange, pineapple juice) and Maya shooter (kahlua, baileys, midori).

Berlin Biergarten,
Tel: 6203-0958


  1. Wah... Another Babi joint! The scotch eggs looks terrific. Carrots and dark beer? You are adventurous. LOL. Never been to that part of town before! Must go there soon. Thanks for another gem.

  2. quirky food keeps the palate from getting jaded!
    yeah, there are at least a dozen good outlets in this area, and many of them need all the customers they can get!

  3. now i know where to go for my Scotch eggs! Must go:)

  4. Ooh, they serve Scotch eggs, interesting! Always see it around in markets but didn't get them Guess I should try them out some day. How's the cocktail? Nice? Most of the time I find cocktails tasting quite weird.

  5. Eeks! I like carrots and I like beer, but never the twain shall meet! Scotch eggs look good... did they serve them warm? The ones at Sid's were served cold, and it just really didn't work with the pints!

  6. ya lorr..the ones at Sids were's this? sicne ya said its one of the best in KL...

  7. eh isnt that maya shooter a quick f**k??? y the change in name!?

    wheres the pork knuckle and beer =(

  8. ciki: hope u enjoy them!
    sugar bean: the cocktails are average. better than some places, but not as good as others.
    550ml: yep, the scotch eggs were warm. pleasant surprise! carrots with beer sounded like such a strange combo, so i had to order them!
    nomad: scotch eggs were definitely warmed up. they had a fresh, fragrant taste, possibly because of the herbs in the pork.
    joe: maybe it's a PG-13 menu. :D no beer cos i don't like beer. no pork knuckle cos we weren't hungry enough to order one! next time, ya. :D