Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bisou @ Bangsar Village

Bisou has abandoned Asian Heritage Row for Bangsar Village. The new location looks somewhat sterile and impersonal, but the food is still good and the service is splendid.

The salads here remain a major highlight. Tantalizingly fresh and inventive. Portions are massive enough to make them main courses.
One of our favourites is the Caprese salad, containing tomatoes, avocado, bocconcini and wild rocket in basil pesto.

Equally tasty but a lot more crunchy is the three-bean salad, which comprises haricot vert, sugar snap peas and edamame in Thai sesame syrup.

The heavily hyped cupcakes are not bad, but not a knockout either.
We had the Chocolate Dementia (choc cupcake with choc ganache) and Dotty (vanilla cupcake with choc frosting). Both were not too sweet, but not quite moist enough.

Bisou Bake Shop,
1st Floor, Bangsar Village.
Tel: 2287-3535
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  1. yyaya..went past 'em aft gym. The cupcakes looks temptin - all cute & pretty. Kinda hard to think of eatin them aft the torture in the gym ahhaha..
    Eh..i picked a leaflet of Bianco - DP, RM25+ for all u can eat but order via a la carte. seems like an ok deal w american brekkie choices etc

  2. Oooh, that was quick of them as I didn't go Bsr this weekend and it looks like they just opened. Ah, another place to eat at Bsar as I'm sick of food there.

  3. cupcakes from a slice of heaven Jaya1 ! to die for.. since u lk ur sweets, u shld have some;)

  4. nomad: bianco offer sounds good. a la carte is better, rite, cos the food would be freshly cooked? but as u know, i don't do brekkie. :D
    boo: supposedly there'll be a middle eastern outlet called citrus opening in bangsar village soon too ... hopefully that'll be decent.
    ciki: i haven't been to jaya one in weeks! :D

  5. becky... sean always utilise his sleeping time so by the time he wakes up and get ready, it's time to start driving to work :)
    so bisou has moved to BV... I wonder how long I have not been to Bangsar area!

  6. bangsar never seems to change much though, so i guess it's OK. but hey, u just had your lovebirds dinner in the bangsar area, remember!

  7. The salads looks lovely. Was in BSV recently, but did not notice this place. Will definitely visit it during my one of my Rabbit diet days, self imposed of course, due to widening girth!

  8. think it opened sometime late last week. yeah, scrumptious salads like the ones here make it easier to go on rabbit diets!

  9. been to bangsar area... as in spend time walking around exploring the place... dinner doesn't count :)

  10. din know bisou is in bangsar village now. the old or the new buliding??? wanna try it out.

  11. it's on the old wing, on the 1st floor, next to new zealand ice cream. hope u enjoy it! :D

  12. I'm wondering why they don't like Asian Heritage Row...The place is nice and more characteristics I think...

  13. i guess heritage row has turned more into a clubbing area and not so much a dining hotspot...

  14. Hi Sean,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.