Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cibo @ Holiday Villa Subang

When we last visited Cibo a few years ago, we had a wonderful dinner and hoped to return someday. But times have changed; the offerings here are now merely passable.

It's still a beautiful place with excellent service. But we were disappointed that many of the recommended items on the menu were unavailable, including monkfish and foie gras.

Cod fish timbale with prawns enhanced with curry and coconut broth. The timbale had the soft, comforting texture of baby food, but with such a fascinating combination of ingredients, it should have tasted more memorable.

Seafood fettuccine with artichoke pesto sauce. A hearty portion with fairly fresh seafood, but not sensational enough to bring us back, with so many better Italian outlets elsewhere.

The risotto was the biggest letdown, comprising bland regular rice instead of arborio rice. It reflected how far this place has fallen from its former heights.

Frontera Merlot. We chose the cheapest house red available, then slapped our foreheads when we realised that we had ordered only seafood and no meat.

Holiday Villa Subang.


  1. no meat no red wine???
    Does it have to be red meat and red wine all the time???

  2. the food would have gone better with white wine ... but we're too used to automatically ordering red :D

  3. hehe..first time u gv a not so good review.. thus this muz be way worse than WIP! lol

  4. oh definitely worse than WIP ... combined with the disappointment that it was not as good as before..

  5. how dare they use regular rice?!!