Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bijan @ Jalan Ceylon

Bijan's menu has both hits and misses, but it's a lovely, lively place to hang out.

We ordered the otak-otak recently during a supper stop. This was a definite miss; it seemed to have been microwave-reheated. Both the taste and texture were totally unappealing.

The pengat pisang was better; a nice blend of ingredients that wasn't too sweet.

Here's one of the perennial hits. The durian cheesecake is always a pleasure; fresh, creamy, moist and rich with the flavour of the fruit.

The same adjectives apply for the durian ice cream. Very yummy.

Cinta Sejati (white & dark rum, southern comfort, calamansi and soda) and Durian Belanda (vodka, triple sec, soursop and lime juice).

Honey Margarita (tequila, triple sec, ginger and honey calamansi) and Tom Yum (vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, chilli and lemongrass).

Jalan Ceylon.

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  1. durian ice cream?? durian cheese cake??

    I want!!

  2. they're available almost all year round at bijan, i think! :D

  3. whoops!!! I think Becky's durian crave has come again!!Hahahaha...
    by the way, everything looked nice except for the rather odd Tom Yum cocktail that includes chilly...

  4. yeah there are some unique-looking cocktails here but taste-wise not so nice. the tom yum one was a bit too weird...

  5. Even your supper stops call for pristine white tableware! How does this work?? Do you ever hanker for a Maggi Mee goreng? :-P

  6. arh the gorgeous durian cheesecake! time to get my fix

  7. Went there recently, but the food was generally not what i'd expected. Did not try the desserts though because we did not finish the food.

  8. 550ml: can't thrive without air-conditioning! too hot and humid these days for maggi mee goreng :D
    kampungboycitygal: yeps, it's a must-have at least every few months =)
    android: hits and misses across the menu. but sometimes it seems like more misses than hits...