Monday, February 23, 2009

Senses @ KL Hilton

Senses guarantees one of KL's most satisfying dining experiences.

The menu is compact but inventive; the service is impeccable.

Amuse-bouche of potato soup with smoked chicken. I won't try elaborating on the food, because everything was superb. Pretentious as this might sound, the meal was a symphony of wondrous tastes and textures.

Coffin Bay oysters in seven styles: Natural; sea jelly and watercress; spring onion fondue with champagne; lime and Sarawak white pepper; saffron gin and citrus caviar; soy and red vinegar; pickled chili and daikon.

Pressed organic beetroot ravioli with soft goat curd, pine nut crumbs, fine leaf salad, organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Seared Hokkaido Bay scallops on saffron and red wine risotto with smoked bone marrow.

King George whiting with fricasee of mussels, saffron, white cabbage and shellfish essence.

2007 Voga Pinot Gigrio.


KL Hilton.


  1. I could so use that red wine risotto with the scallop now! This is definitely not a joint for the humble-hearted... the pix are oozing richness!

  2. hows the risotto???? die hard fan here that always get disappointed..

  3. 550ml: yep, the food is a feast for the eyes!
    joe: really worth checking out. i know what you mean about disappointing risotto. but this one is firm to the bite and filled with flavour.

  4. i attended a cooking class here once....
    wah, young man, really living it up hor... eating at all these exp places. gosh, your food bill must be astronomical!

  5. but u don't need cooking classes, rite?! :P
    i save on other expenses ... drive an economical car, rarely buy new clothes and use a very basic camera (as you can tell from my photos!) :D