Friday, July 24, 2009

Chez Rose @ Bukit Damansara

Formerly known as Klimt's, this cosy outlet has renamed itself Chez Rose, revamped its look and expanded its menu of Viennese and Hungarian fare.

Pickled Bismarck Herring fillet with dill-gherkin sauce, mustard sauce and green salad. We kinda liked this; even though the taste of vinegar and salt was very strong, the soft, high-fat texture of the fish redeemed this dish.

Venison pot roast with bread dumpling, red cabbage, cranberry sauce and mushroom ragout. Everything on this platter was wonderfully prepared, from the sweet, raisin-laced dumpling to the fork-tender venison that was sensational with the milky sauce.

Baked salmon coated with mushroom duxelle, wrapped with pastry and served with pesto cream sauce. An interesting item, but not all that impressive taste-wise. The pastry was nice and thin, but the sauce seemed to be too heavy and overwhelmed the salmon.

Ox tongue with garlic spinach and apple-horseradish sauce. The ox tongue was a nice blend of gelatinous and muscular meat. Less filling than the other dishes, but still worthwhile.

Chez Rose,
Jalan Batai.


  1. wei, u were thr recently too? how come didnt see ya:) how da hell didja guys stomach the herring - we nearly died!:P
    looks lk we tried pretty much da same stuff..

  2. yeah, but u guys managed to sample more stuff. :D
    pickled herring was no problem ... next up, looking for pickled human flesh! :D

  3. i was jz thinking of the same thing!
    eh how come the dishes r same w ciki one?? went there and nvr invite me, plliithhh...;p

    I kid, i kid ;)

    darn, aft seeing ciki's post was gonna ask ya whether u wanna hit the outlet. looks like ya speedier, hehehe...

  4. these were the most interesting items on the menu ... oh and there was also a stuffed trout and some veal that i wouldn't mind returning for :D

  5. hey i've been wondering about this outlet! hmm the herring doesn't look very appetising.

  6. i bet more than 90 percent of the population would hate it! can't say i'd blame then :D