Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House + Co @ Bangsar Shopping Center

The refurbished House + Co is bigger, better and more beautiful than ever.

The terrific news is that it now serves dinner too, instead of only lunch and tea.

The curry puffs still rank among KL's best. Packed with tender chicken, boiled egg and spices. Practically perfect, not bogged down at all by any excess oil or a soggy crust.

One of my favourite salads ever, brimming with firm but juicy grapes, broccoli, lettuce, raisins and toasted pine nuts. Tossed in an amazingly light mayonnaise, this was a healthy creation that tasted absolutely sensational.

Slightly less successful was the pear, avocado and pecan salad, tossed in a mustard vinaigrette and pecorino. But that's partly because we're not big fans of pears. Still an excellent salad, with a generous helping of creamy avocados.

Our one proposal: Serve some booze! Would be nice to sip wine in this setting.

House + Co,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2094-4393


  1. I am so outdated! Didn't know about this restaurant at all even though I used to hang out in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Nice ambience and food, how was the price?

  2. Ooh gorgeous looking greens they've got there!! I tend to distrust restaurants with salads, for the mega fear of ICEBERG lettuce, and there's some lurking in the one here, I see, but grapes and pine nuts, ooooo...

  3. sugar bean: prices are not too bad, comparable to alexis. the salads are around RM 20.
    550ml: yeah, i don't usually order salads, but the ones here are definitely well thought-out!

  4. it sure looks cosy :)
    haven't gone to BSC ever since they closed for expansion... now that they've opened for business, I only get to look its exterior everytime I pass by Bangsar.
    Yes, you should make a suggestion for them to serve booze... We want booze! We want booze!!!

  5. heh ... the never-ending, confusing renovation is still going on, but hopefully there'll be more good makan places when the expansion is finished!

  6. i love house&co! do they still have the very yummy chicken rice and pitas? it's been a while since i've been there.

  7. ooh i've actually not tried (or noticed) the chicken rice or pitas. on previous visits, i usually had the nasi lemak or curry laksa, both of which i loved.

  8. really ar? i must try the curry puffs.. how much are they?

  9. three ringgit each ... yeah, cut-throat price...

  10. I love all the food here. The curry puff is excellent, although expensive. I normally don't eat chicken rice, but their chicken rice is something I HAVE to eat when I'm there. The chicken is wrapped in a foil and steamed, so it retains all the juices...damn syiok man. They use a lot of organic ingredients.

  11. gosh, i gotta go back soon and try that chicken rice then. i normally don't bother with chicken rice either, since the chicken slices are usually bland and/or tough...

  12. time to revisit house & co...the last time i ate there was 2 years ago with thamby (lyrical lemongrass)...

  13. ooh ... i used to curse this place cos its kitchen closed at 6pm, and i can never find the time to eat before the sun goes down. but now, all of us night owls can enjoy their curry puffs. :D

  14. Chic rice?? Curry puffs? in BSC??

  15. The service is damn bad......

  16. Hi, Sean. I have visited this restaurant for a friend's birthday celebration after reading your blog. I regret to inform you that we have raised serious concerns of House + co.

    First of all, permission of photo shooting.

    we reached there earlier before the others came so I asked the permission of the waiter to take some photos of the restaurant.The waiter refused for the request at first, but moment later, he came back and told us that he has asked the permission of the lady boss and we are allowed to take photo there.

    Secondly, the etiquette & behavior of the waiter.

    We have ordered 4 main courses and 6 soft drinks for the birthday dinner.Besides that, we have reserved a piece of cake for my friend.The food & beverages was served after 20minutes, but only 3main courses were served. We waited for half an hour and remind the waiter about the forgotten meal ( we presumed the waiter forgot to take order of the meal ).

    Unfortunately,the waiter returned to us after he went to the kitchen, he said the kitchen is closed at 930pm. My friend was hungry so she asked the waiter is there anything else that can be served. What pissed us off was,the waiter just walked away without a word. He came back to us 6 minutes later, and he said that, we never make the order for the forgotten meal.Thus, he left. What kind of service they are providing? left without apologies?

    My friend was upset and called for the waiter again.We wanted to see his boss. Not to your surprise, he walked off in disgust (just like that).We waited for another ten minutes,we thought the lady boss will come to us but she was not.The waiter was cleaning the bar, acted like nothing happened.So, we called the waiter again,he told us, he has informed the lady boss but she refused to come as she said she don't want to ARGUE with us. I was angry and I told him that I need to see the lady boss.

    Finally,the lady boss came to us. The first sentence of the lady was rude. She said, 'when I first saw you girls, I already know that you are going to give me trouble, so I double-checked with the kitchen to ensure nothing goes wrong with the order.''You did not order the food & that explained why we never serve you'. Well, we said, but he ( waiter ) never repeat the order. 'For your information, it is not necessary to repeat order in our restaurant, and he is the best waiter in our restaurant that every customers like him and tips him well, I trust my workers'.'You take photos in my place as it is your studio'. And this provoked me, as what I have mentioned before, we asked for permission and we ONLY took photo at our table.' I have spent millions to revamp the restaurant and bla bla bla.. ' she started with the history of the restaurant.

    Few minutes later after listened to her sejarah, I said , ' after all, customers are always right ' ( we were waiting for an apologies ). Unfortunately, she said ,' nope !' What a surprising answer. She began to talk again but my friend ended the conversation by asking for bill. We left without finishing the food. Needless to say, we were unable to sing a song for the birthday girl.What a pity ! I felt so sorry to my friend.

    However, we do find some merit of the restaurant. House + co is a nice place for dinner or gathering as the interior of the restaurant is brand new and cozy.

    I thank you for your precious time in reading my long comments. Looking forward to your response soon ( if any ).

    nicole paris.

  17. omg!!! This restaurant gave me a bad memories.. >.<
    their waiters, specially the lady boss were very very bad in servicing customers...>.<

  18. nicole, vivian, mizi: very sorry to hear about your bad experiences here. i'm not sure how to respond though; i've only been to house & co three times, but luckily, so far, i've not encountered any problems. i do sympathize with all of you though (especially nicole). it's always awful when u're planning a special evening, but it gets ruined this way.

  19. Every outing is awesome though. =D Anyway, I'm a huge fans of you, I mean, your blog, because I love food ! Thanks for your information ^^

  20. nicole: thanks for reading! here's wishing u better dining experiences ahead! :D