Thursday, July 2, 2009

Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency

He had found a Nutri-matic machine which had provided him with a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely like tea.
It tasted terrible, so he threw it away and went to Luna Bar for a REAL drink and a ravishing view from Pacific Regency's 33rd floor.

He had heard that this place serves decent grub, so he ordered some lobster & king crab cakes with seaweed vinaigrette on marinated sprouts and caramelized lime. They tasted more like potato cakes than crab cakes, but were nevertheless scrumptious.

His stomach was still growling, so he threw caution to the wind and asked for a four-cheese pizza topped with goat cheese, greek feta, blue cheese & mozzarella.
It was wonderful too, but he suffered instant remorse. In order to burn off these calories, he would have needed to hike up the stairs to Luna Bar at least three dozen times.

The Frozen Space Cookie cocktail was a must-order, since its name reminded him of his voyage from his icy home planet, Neptune, to globally-warmed Earth. But the humongous concoction of vodka, coffee liqueur, butterscotch, baileys, oreo & whipped cream nearly gave him brain-freeze.

The other signature cocktail here was the Luna Electic (vodka, red bull, cranberry juice, sweet & sour mix), but he also ordered pink guava juice so that he wouldn't seem too much like an alcoholic.

The first movie he had watched when he arrived on Earth was Brokeback Mountain, so he was curious about how the Cocksucking Cowboy (butterscotch, baileys and vodka) and Quick Fuck (coffee liqueur, tequila and fresh cream) would taste. He also ordered a Lychee Martini because its shape reminded him of the glaciers on Neptune.

As he left, he looked back and hollered to the waiters, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" Three dolphins leaped out of the pool, then vanished without a trace.

No, I did not write this entry while drunk. Cumi & Ciki tagged me in a game that FBB can explain.
The next victim is thenomadGourmand, who MUST begin her next post with this sentence:
"After I recovered from two weeks of acute continuous diarrhoea caused by eating a rotten fish head, I threw out my leftover adult diapers and wondered where I could have a hygienic meal."

Luna Bar,
Pacific Regency Hotel.


  1. Roar!!!
    rotten fish head?? An accomplished foodie like me can smell an un-fresh fish if there's one frm the kitchen!
    Like i'm gonna ever get food poisonin frm rotten fish.. ;p

    anyways, yr post is hilarious.. What's with the dolphins??

  2. ouhhh ... i could so use you as my food taster. i sometimes suffer bad effects from bad mussels.
    the dolphins are actually in line with ciki's opening sentence, which comes from this book/movie. i never read the book, but i remember there were dolphins jumping in the movie. :D's_Guide_to_the_Galaxy_(film)

  3. ROFL! He also ordered a Lychee Martini because its shape reminded him of the glaciers on Neptune?! so cute.. touche! so in line with my hypergalactic theme. gotta luv dat nutrimatic machine i tell ya!

    nice touch on the dolphins:D

    ADULT DIAPERS.. heh,good luck becks.. ur gonna need it! :P hehe

  4. hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.. my all time fav novel by douglas adams (movie was so-so;)) i picked it up with i was 9yrs old or so. it changed my life - the human imagination is infinite:P

  5. hahaha hilarious!!!

    my first shot i learnt in aussie was the qf..

    find it so terribly hard to call for it in msia..without getting a slap!

  6. Best post so far! Well done, Sean! Looking forward to seeing how the next tag goes. :-)

  7. GUFFFFFAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! well, obviously you arent an famed reporter based on your good looks alone!!!! hahhahaha, soooo goood la. and i LURVE your next tag!

  8. I agree it's your best post so far. Highly entertaining and nice pix too!

  9. What a fascinating post! With the amount of alcohol involved, hard to not have involved dolphins! Luna never looked this inspiring!

  10. ROFL! The disappearing dolphins was a nice touch, hehe! Lovely view from the top.

  11. ciki: yeah, the movie didn't inspire me to pick up the book. but i prefer films to novels anyway. given the choice between reading a book and watching the movie adaptation of it, i'd take the lazy way out and catch the flick anytime. :D
    joe: i love the suggestive names for cocktails/shooters ... qf, cc, sex on the beach, screaming multiple orgasm, comfortable screw...
    lemongrass: i made it quite easy for becky, right ... her sentence should flow effortlessly into a food review. ;D
    fbb: i was lucky! ciki's tag was perfectly matched for this post.
    klreporters: tnx, hazlin!
    550ml: if only there could have been dancing with the green fairy too! :D
    pureglutton: their disappearance was the only way to explain why the water was so calm in the photo. :D

  12. hmmmm... reminded me on how long i have not stepped into Luna Bar (like I always come here... in fact only once)...
    I swear that I bumped into Amber Chia when I came here last time. But then I was wasted due to too much booze on the night... sigh!!!
    Love the view from up there...

  13. heh, i'm bad at recognizing celebrities. i wouldn't know amber chia if she was two feet away! luckily u weren't drunk enough to try to approach her though! :D

  14. admit it, you only order qf, cc, sex, orgasm etc to force the wait-staff to repeat your order!

    cute post. i never quite got adams' humour but i love the title 'so long, and thanks for all the fish'.

  15. i especially like it when they repeat the words slowly and seductively! :D

  16. hahaha ... what a cute tag game. wonder how TNG suffered at the your hands.

  17. she did very well! hopefully the tag will reach you soon. :D