Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer Palace: MIGF @ Putrajaya Marriott

Click here for previous review of Summer Palace (August 5).
A co-winner of the MIGF award for creativity last year, Summer Palace has a 2009 festival menu costing RM118++ without wine. Whatever happens this year, it's safe to say they won't win any prizes for pleasant, efficient service.

Trio of Neptune Ensemble (1. scallop and smoked salmon duet with pomelo in tangy tomato essence, 2. baked crab claw with cuttlefish paste wrap and golden egg floss, 3. crispy shrimp dumpling with spicy red dates sauce). Premium versions of dim sum.

Well-prepared consomme of scallop, geoduck, fish maw & green lip abalone.

Baked village chicken layered with spinach, duck liver onion bun and candied garlic dip. An intriguing threesome of wide-ranging tastes and textures.

Crystal noodles with freshwater prawns in superior crustacean broth. A unique variation of sang har meen; the gelatinous noodles were delectable, while the broth was wonderfully flavoursome.

A fascinating dessert of pineapple panache with lemongrass jelly and mango nectar scented with kalamansi. This somehow reminded my companion of childhood treats at some pasar malam.

Le Rime, Banfi (Italy) & Cherry Blossom (golden rum, martini rosso, orange).

Summer Palace,
Putrajaya Marriott.


  1. eh .. stop eating like a fatso and looking svelte at the same time.. CHIS!
    nice shots:)

  2. The pineapple panache looks rather innovative especially for a Chinese Restaurant.

    Is dining at El Bulli on your Bucket List ?

  3. this was the one u mentioned the otr day! not likely to go Putrajaya anytime soon ;)

  4. my last time going to Putrajaya was in 2006... but to photograph my wedding photo there... lol!! Never dine there before

  5. joe: yep, waitresses who looked grouchy or confused, often vanished, forgot or pretended to forget our requests for a wine list, water, bill
    ciki: where got svelte wan? =)
    lil: it did look cool, though on second thought, it was only really a dolled-up variation of the chilled desserts served at many chinese outlets. heh, well, i might consider el bulli if i found out i only have a couple of months to live =)
    tng: yeah, alas, u'll find nothing really worth eating in putrajaya!
    leo: the area is definitely a better photography place than a makan place! =)

  6. Aiyoh.. Why postpone El Bulli until your final days ? U may not get a reservation if u leave it to the last minute.. And I agree that Putrajaya does not come up tops on my list of good places to eat.. Will have better luck in Nilai which is a short drive away

  7. lil: heh, good point, but surely they wouldn't deny one of the last requests of a dying man, rite. i've never eaten at nilai before, but will keep that in mind =)

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