Eat Drink KL: Spice of India: MIGF @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Friday, October 16, 2009

Spice of India: MIGF @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Spice of India's MIGF menu, priced at RM149++ with wine, offers an array of delicious dishes in small portions for convenient sampling. It's a pleasantly spacious setting for a shopping mall restaurant, with sparkling service.

Tokri samosas stuffed with potatoes. An upscale version of curry puffs, moulded into an interesting shape. Nicely done, without a hint of excess oil.

Chaana Paprik Chat. A light, comfort-food medley of chick peas with chutney.

Tandoori platter, with well-marinated chunks of chicken, lamb, fish & prawn.

Laal Maas (Rajastani red meat curry) with naan. The spiciness was noticeably toned down. Maybe they knew somehow that we prefer less fiery food.

Stuffed capsicum curry with Kashmiri rice. Fantastic. The curry was thick and sweet, the perfect partner for the exquisitely fluffy and flavorsome rice.

The creamy, not overwhelmingly sweet mango and pistachio kulfi brought a satisfying end to a meal that surpassed our expectations.

Spice of India,


  1. perfect ending, those kulfi.
    indian desserts complement any meal nicely.
    or maybe its the sweetness.

  2. so was that a set for 1 or for 2? looked plentiful for 1 and decent for 2..but as far as indian food goes, i need my butter chicken n palak paneer..n im happy

  3. wahh..whn i saw yr post title i was like "wht?? Indian food worr..can go high class and gourmet meh??"
    (me thinkin foie gras naan and truffle oil curries; the only 2 things conssitent on all those darn expensive menus)
    Not bad..its still pretty authentic yet looks delectable!

  4. Ahem. Becky. I thought I already told you me working there? Forgot about me so fast d yar?

  5. j2kfm: indian desserts can be way too sweet sometimes! enough to cause diabetic comas!
    joe: that set was designed for one, but 2 of us managed to share it for a light dinner. i think i need aloo gobi for a complete indian meal!
    tng: heheh, i wish! i don't think i've ever seen foie gras and truffles in indian outlets in kl. maybe eventually, since some malay and chinese restaurant already use such ingredients.
    gourmand: am sure she remembers! :D

  6. Yum... there's something be said about upscale Indian. My stomach's on fire today though, thanks to misbehaviour last night, yet I wouldn't mind taking a stab at the capsicum curry!

  7. tandoori is my fav indian dish...

  8. 550ml: no indian cuisine till u recover! that would be like fanning the fire!
    leo: yeah, tandoori is kinda nice when it's done well, though often it's rather dry, rite.