Monday, October 5, 2009

High Tide @ Menara Taipan, Kuala Lumpur

High Tide swept us away with its sensational selection of seafood. This is one of KL's best new restaurants, likely to become the talk of the town soon.

It's no place for meat addicts; beef, chicken, lamb, pork and duck are almost absent from the menu. This is pure paradise for people pursuing oceanic pleasures, though dining here too often might drown us in debt (prices are comparable to Mandarin Oriental's Pacifica).

Marron with eggplant and green pea. Eating here was a crash course in seafood. We came in with only a theoretical idea of what marron is; we left with the knowledge that this Australian freshwater crayfish is the next best thing to lobster.

Smoked monkfish, shaved fennel & citrus dressing. Tender and mild-tasting.

Platter of (1) marinated king fish, duck liver & basil-wasabi sorbet, (2) king fish carpaccio, enoki mushroom & truffle, (3) king fish tartare, cucumber & rucola. We obviously have more learning to do, since we couldn't tell the difference between monkfish and king fish. Help!

Assortment of oysters (Irish Pacific, French Belon, French Fine de Claire).

Slow-baked pink snapper with oxtail, leek and celeriac. A fish with firm flesh and delicate flavour, outstandingly balanced by the oxtail's saltier taste.

Dover sole, sea aster and seafood emulsion. Hmmm, this kinda tasted like pink snapper too, though they looked clearly unalike.

Orange roughy, Belgian endives, savoy cabbage & watercress. The two of us were all fish-ed out by this point, but luckily, the servings weren't too heavy.

Epoisse de Bourgogne cheese tart with apple & beef bacon. A soft, savory treat.

Desserts were suitably light too, with the creme catalane with red fruit, yoghurt ice cream and passion fruit espuma bringing a sweet end to a memorable meal.

Lotsa bubbly helped of course. Conti Neri Prosecco di Prosecco Extra Dry.

High Tide,
Menara Taipan, Jalan Punchak.
Off Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Wow, looks good, don't mind checking this out when I'm free. I wonder if this is related to the Nero group as they did say they planned to open a place in Menara Taipan.

  2. Love the illustrations and the aquarium. So pretty!

  3. boo: yeah, wonder why the group is expanding beyond italian. they've put lots of effort into this, getting a belgian chef to helm the kitchen.
    qwazymonkey: kudos to the interior decorator! :D

  4. The food here is speaking my language!! I am quite quite happy to give up meat and have seafood alone for the rest of my life. The name of restaurant certainly didn't bring images of premium seafood to mind though!

  5. erm, wow.. nice plc to bring clients. the prices should impress them anyway. hah!

  6. I almost dropped everything and rush to this place until I read this...
    "though dining here too often might drown us in debt (prices are comparable to Mandarin Oriental's Pacifica)."

  7. 550ml: wah, i'm not sure i could endure NEVER tasting beef again. but a seafood diet does seem healthier, though too much is bad for the system too, rite...
    ciki: just make sure the clients don't get disappointed when they can't order steaks or lamb cutlets! :D
    leo: yeah, it's terrible. the lowest-priced item is a RM48 salad (with no seafood in it!)

  8. What??? Lowest price at RM48???
    *gasp* (praying for a job offer soon)..

    But all that fish..good for my recovery horr?? ;p

    Eh..I read somewhere..i think its Tues Star - u knw they run an environmental feature every week (cant rmbr which week) & monk fish is actually a very common cheap fish which was re-named and hence "rebranded" (by some chefs or something like tht) ..hence its value and demand went up cos the public wasnt aware of the facts..
    But yeahh.. dunno got proof in the article or not so..

  9. tng: too much of one kind of food only can be bad! u'll need a balanced diet with meat too!
    heheh, i have little knowledge about seafood, so i dunno anything about monkfish. but this restaurant claims it only uses "sustainably caught seafood," so that's good for the environment, rite? :D

  10. I don't think I've seen this much seafood in a single review before, High Tide indeed. :D

  11. there's more on the menu! i'm dying to go back to try the halibut, barramundi, langoustine... :D

  12. i actually work in menara taipan itself, its kinda pricey for a lunch crowd but if your company is paying for it, its affordable. haha... too bad i prefer a good steak over anything else.

  13. jonjon: maybe they'll introduce set lunches at bargain prices eventually. heh, yeah, seafood doesn't really offer the same kind of satisfaction as meat, but i suppose there are already enough meat outlets around =)