Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sultan Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental

Click here for previous review of Sultan Lounge (April 19).

Kobe beef sirloin burrito with iceburg lettuce and remoulade. Is this worth RM132++? Might be tough to believe, but that's how much it costs. Definitely better than Kyros Kebab though.

Sheer Vanilla (vanilla vodka, cointreau, cranberry) & MO Boston, New England (calvados, amaretto, cinnamon, apple).

Sultan Lounge,
Mandarin Oriental Hotel.


  1. Wow have not had Kobe beef prepared in a burrito before.. Thanks for the intoduction :o)

  2. not really recommended though ... can't really appreciate the beef this way...

  3. Wow RM132 for the 2pcs~ mind to know all their appetizer pricing like that too?

  4. carrole: gosh, i think so. sorry, it's been two years, so i can't really recall :D