Friday, October 30, 2009

Sassorosso @ Yap Kwan Seng

Was there life before Sassorosso? Seems like a hazy memory.

An elegant outlet that offers the assurance of terrific Italian food. Even after more than two years in business and changes in key personnel, this place hasn't lost its flair for whipping up some of KL's best pizzas and pastas.

Pumpkin ravioli with air-dried beef. One of the finest raviolis we've ever had. Absolute comfort food, thanks to the sweet, creamy pumpkin mash encased in delicate ravioli skin.

Potato gnocchi with black truffles in butter sauce. Boasted a terrific texture.

Bigoli all'anitra, a dish that has been here since the start. A thick spaghetti from the region of Veneto, cooked with duck broth & duck gizzard ragout.

Pan-fried sole fillet in foie gras sauce with caramelised leek. An interesting recipe to perk up what might otherwise be a dull fish dish.

Sassorosso Pizza, topped with escargot, mushrooms, prawns, basil and mozzarella. Crisp and generously laden with flavourful toppings; if only all pizzas were like this, we'd be happy to eat pizza every evening.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2005. A light wine; one of the cheaper choices.

Lorong Yap Kwan Seng.
Tel: 2166-6428


  1. gawd!!!
    Yea i'll hv pizza everyday for tht one!
    And the ravioli and gnocchi too!

  2. had a bad service n sub-par food incld a very soggy version of that pizza u had..nvr went back..time to revisit?

  3. Potato gnocchi with black truffles in butter sauce!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said

  4. tng: italian food rules. =)
    joe: maybe that was the transition period, when they lost their original chef and hostess? if u liked the place despite that, might be worth another shot.
    qwazymonkey: the most sinful of carbs! :D

  5. Echoing Qwazymonkey... GAHHHHHHH!! Gnocchi lurrrve!

  6. 550ml: and unlike many other places, they do it reaaally well here :D

  7. I notice u r a big fan of gnocchi :o) I also have a few favourites which I tend to order whenever I dine out.. Using a different camera ? The photos r clearer

  8. One thing sorely missing from their otherwise Stellar Menu. PORK! LOL. Has their wine menu improved? It was missing some Barolos last time.

  9. lil: yeah, i lurrrve good gnocchi, and since it isn't available in many italian outlets here, it's a must-order for me. heh, the camera's always the same, but the lighting makes all the difference :D
    android: true, it would be fabulous if they served pork. i usually fail to scrutinize wine lists; the cheapest wines are what attract my attention :D

  10. yum yum, guess where we'll be soon? =P

  11. augustdiners: hope u have a great evening! :D