Sunday, October 11, 2009

Relish @ Terrace Bar, Zouk Ampang

Feeling nostalgic for the burgers that Relish once churned out at Changkat BB? The recipes seem the same at their current location at Zouk, but somehow, the food isn't as glorious.

The Aussie Burger still has that thick beef patty with smoked bacon, pineapple, beetroot, egg and tomato relish, but the magic isn't quite there anymore. Blame it on dry, bland buns and the miserably cooked egg perhaps. Luckily, the chunky fries remain admittedly addictive.

Carb-haters can have burgers wrapped in lettuce without bread. The Zouk burger, with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto relish, was fairly juicy.

Ghetto Heaven and Bloody Mary cocktails. The alcohol content was really low.

Relish @ Terrace Bar,
Zouk, Jalan Ampang.


  1. Aiyoo.. I'm really craving burgers now..

    btw, was at La Bodega last nite and they got a new menu!
    I mean, i dunno hw new cos i havent been there for ages, but yeah, new items and they got 46 types of cheese u can order at 80g each for abt RM12..i love cheeses & was thinking of trying 'em all, but that will prob take me 23 weeks if i were to try 2 cheese/week (goin there once a week & ordering only 2 cheese to test as to not overwhelm my tastebuds, hehe)!

    Now..whr to get mahh burger fix... hhmmm

  2. I do miss Relish. AND the fries they used to dish up. I can't think for the life of me think where to get burger fix either :-(

    TNG, ooh La Bodega has new menu?? What else apart fr cheese? I am cheese-phobic lah...

  3. tng: ooh, but cheeses/dairy products might not be good for your current condition lar, cos some ppl say they can aggravate coughs and sinus problems! but yeahhhh, it would be fun to try all 46 :D
    550ml and tng: actually la bodega's burger is pretty awesome. and i guess for sheer variety, nothing beats the daily grind...