Saturday, October 24, 2009

Providore @ Solaris Mont Kiara

One of the initial outlets to open at Solaris Mont Kiara, Providore's survival is a testament to the quality of its offerings (though admittedly, the food was better back in the early days).

Open Pork Burger with bacon & egg. Humongous enough to be shared by two, with loads of flavoursome toppings to go with the thick pork patty.

Mafalde with lamb ragu. Lamb lovers, order this without hesitation; the pasta is tossed with generous portions of tender lamb slices in a comforting tomato-based sauce.

Roast pork belly with coleslaw and caramelized apple. The meat was slightly too dry, but still satisfactory if you have a longing for crispy pork belly.

Goji berry juice & raw organic hot chocolate (Peruvian cacao with Mexican Agave syrup).

Solaris Mont Kiara.


  1. wow.. pork burgers u say??
    And the lamb pasta does looks delish.

    Hm..1st Sanbanto, then here! (*note into makan book* ;) )

  2. Pork burger! I have wayyy too much catching up to do... haven't even done Cristang and now this!

  3. tng: happy pigging out! :D
    550ml: ooh, do cristang first!