Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weissbrau @ Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Pork-lovers can finally find paradise at Pavilion, where the newly opened Weissbrau provides everything from pork knuckles and ribs to cold cuts and sausages galore.

Complimentary toast with pate, perfect to nibble on while awaiting the mains.

Generously thick, flavourful Serrano ham slices to wrap around rock melon.

The Giant Schublig sausage looks daunting, but two people should have no problem finishing it. Made of smoked pork and chicken blended with spices and milk, this was all that a fabulous sausage should be: fresh, plump, juicy and well-seasoned.

Assorted meat and sauerkraut with Nurnbergen and Farmer's Pork sausages. Another terrific platter for sharing. We particularly loved the pork belly (partially hidden behind the sausages), which was both fatty and crispy at the same time.



  1. Complimentary toast with pate?? That's calling me!!
    Was at Pavillion last Sat..saw this place & thought of ya immediately! Hhehe..

  2. refreshing from the MIGF menus

    glad to c something NON HALAL in shopping malls...too much time in KLCC can have an effect on u hahaha..

  3. caricaturist: thanks! :D
    tng: glad that i'm on your mind sometimes! =)
    joe: back to migf review tomorrow, haha. yeah, klcc is 100 percent pork-free, but even pavilion doesn't have that many pork places...

  4. coincidentally just watched Bizarre Foods on AFC. and the guy was loading praises onto the sauerkraut in a Russian wet market.
    i'm hooked. i'll get my fix soon ...

  5. Wow ! Pork heaven ! How does it compare with El Cerdo ?

  6. j2kfm: i'm not really a fan of sauerkraut though. i guess it goes well with pork knuckles, but it's not really delicious, rite? =)
    borneoboy: el cerdo is probably more of a fine-dining option, whereas weissbrau seems to be more of shopping mall casual dining. el cerdo is a better option for a special occasion. :D

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