Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Emperor: MIGF & More @ Grand Dorsett Subang

The Emperor's ambience and food might not be dazzling, but it's still a solid choice for dinner. The MIGF menu here costs RM240++ with wine.

Trio of Hot and Cold Appetisers. A decent appetite-whetter but not extraordinary.

Coconut Chicken Consomme with sea cucumber, fish maw & sundried scallop. Like all excellent Chinese soups, this tasted nourishing and comforting.

Steamed cod with braised preserved veggies, topped with superior soya sauce. Terrific texture, but a bit too bland to leave a lasting impression.

Roasted marinated rack of lamb with raisin reduction. Our favorite dish of the evening. The lamb was astonishingly tender; if Wagyu lamb existed, it would taste like this. The raisin reduction was a stroke of genius, rendering the meat sweet without being cloying.

Wok-fried fragrant rice with seafood & caviar. Light and fluffy, but forgettable.

Chilled pumpkin cream with Sweet Fancy Duet (on the left, a layer cake of pandan, durian & sweet corn, and on the right, yam tempura).

We also ordered items from the regular a la carte menu. The crispy shredded beef "Beijing-style" was addictive, though it barely tasted like beef. More like junk food for munching.

Roasted crispy duck with plum sauce. Meaty and succulent. Thumbs up to this.

Braised beef rib drizzled with coffee sauce and topped with almond flakes. Flavourful and well-marinated, but slightly overcooked.

Braised Bai Ling mushrooms with truffle jus & veggies. Healthy but unmemorable.

Durian tempura. Absolutely stunning; one of the best desserts we've had this year. The batter was warm & crunchy, while the fresh durian puree inside remained cold & creamy.

Some kinda Korean berry wine. Supposed to be sexually reinvigorating.

Moore's Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Australia) and Chinese handicraft blooming flower tea (before it bloomed).

Old Winery Cabernet Merlot (Australia) and the tea flower that bloomed, haha.

The Emperor,
Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.


  1. wonderful food blog !! ;) view mine as well ..

  2. thanks for dropping by, nicholas. btw, i'm a la sallian student too :D

  3. I'm a resolute durian hater but the sight of that durian tempura has got me wavering... do I dare go where I've sworn off?!

  4. again u seem to have outdone urself..looks like the set menu was like a starter for u!

  5. Another very empty looking restaurant although it's MIGF season. Does not augur well does it? Is MIGF a failure? Food looks presentable.

  6. the MIGF menu and then a-la-carte??? how big if your stomach huh???
    anything chinese certainly piqued my interest!!

  7. 550ml: like you, i never go near the fruit itself, but durian-based desserts are quite palatable sometimes!
    joe: haha, the migf menus are inconsistent in terms of food quantity. at some places, the portions are huge; at other places, must order other stuff to avoid going home hungry.
    android: a lot of these restaurants struggle during weekday dinners. but yeah, someone should do research on whether the migf boosts customer traffic significantly...
    leo: medium-sized tummy but XXL-sized appetite! the good news is that i have more chinese outlet reviews coming up soon. :D

  8. yum yum yum..
    So ya gonna try ALL the MIGF participating restaurants??

    Darn..that durian tempura..can go there and just order that???

  9. not all, but there will be more. if all goes well, u'll see, hint hint ;)
    caaaan, the durian dessert is on the a la carte :D