Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Ben Cafe @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

A comfortable place that offers large servings of local dishes at fair prices.

Sailor Mee. Would have been better if the soup wasn't so bland. Luckily, the sambal helped provide a slight kick.

Pandan rice with rendang chicken. Mediocre. The rice wasn't fluffy enough and the pandan flavour failed to impress.

Complimentary but forgettable cheese cake. Nice of them to serve this anyway.

Little Princess (coffee with ice cream), Lemongrass Orange & Honey Milk Chocolate.

Little Ben Cafe,
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  1. Nice decor, not too sure if I'll visit this soon as the food sounds quite so so.

  2. SAILOR mee?!! haha ... whatever name will they come up next ...

  3. boo: yeah, it's an OK alternative if u're tired of madam kwan and old town white coffee, but i'd still stick to grandmama's...
    j2kfm: heh, i dunno what's the reason for that name, but it's some kinda "pan mee"...

  4. just some boombastic names for the dishes la... look like pan mee and nasi lemak with rendang chicken to me :)

  5. leo: heheh, well yeah, but it's good to brand the food sometimes to make it sound interesting :D

  6. thought it was another one of those char chan teng places with HK food and all. shame about how the dishes tasted as the food "looked" interesting.

  7. alvin: u could still give it a shot, cos some other reviewers enjoyed the food. it's not a total waste, since the portions are large and prices are low. =)

  8. saw this on saturday and wondered if worth trying

  9. haz: no-frills place. keep your expectations low and u'll be a contented bunny :D

  10. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Have a bad experience with Little Ben. BAD SERVICE!!! Place an order on their Bento Set and their feedback was not enough staff and we couldn't take your order. What the heck man??? Totally disagree with this feedback. At first they refuse to deliver because they don't know my office area which near by to Pavilion. Then, another staff called and said we can't take your order because we don't have enough staff for today!!!! STUPID!!! What a nonsense!!!! In the order form, they did not restrict any area for the delivery.