Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tanner's @ Bukit Tunku

A hidden gem that deserves to draw more business. But then again, the lack of crowds here makes Tanner's the ideal destination for an intimate dinner.

Salmon fishcakes deep-fried in breadcrumbs and served with mushy peas. One of the finest fishcakes in town. Fresh, flaky and flavourful, retaining all the salmon's natural moistness.

Beef shin stew with root vegetables, herbs, porcini and cinnamon, slow-cooked in red wine with potato gnocchi. Pure comfort food that scarcely requires chewing. Maybe a bit too salty, but that's a minor complaint.

Tanner's Bistro,
Bukit Tunku.
Tel: 6201-3222


  1. Potato gnocchi...i'm seeing a "fav's list" here.. avocado, salmon, foie gras (of course ;p) and ..

  2. haha, i probably wouldn't put salmon on the same list, but u're right! i guess we all have our comfort food =)

  3. Wherever in Bkt Tunku is this? Is this at the apartment block with the bakery cafe place? Ooh I forget what that place is called...must go have a wander around the area again!

  4. 550ml: ohhh i'm terrible at giving directions, so i'll just point u to their fb group: