Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuscany: MIGF & More @ Putrajaya Marriott

A co-winner of the 2008 MIGF award for best creative dining experience, Tuscany is back this year with a festival menu that costs RM258++ with wine. Service here is exceptionally warm and accommodating.

Scallop & salmon trout parcel with basil sundried tomato essence. Would be better if the ingredients tasted fresher. That became a recurring problem throughout our meal.

Magret of duck with poached pear and apricot balsamic glaze. Forgettable.

Lentil lime soup with quail penne and cumin crisp. Stomach-warming stuff.

Sorbet of calvados and mint as a palate-cleanser. Not really necessary though.

Tarragon-baked Pacific Rock Oysters on haricot beans and asparagus spears. The oysters weren't fresh either, leaving a somewhat foul taste in our mouths.

Angus beef tenderloin with foie gras on fig morel glaze. Succulent and hearty, though it didn't taste as interesting as it sounded, no thanks to the bland foie.

Caramelized web of truffle mascarpone with cinnamon-infused berries & passionfruit coulis.

Macchiato with macadamia and pistachio jewels. Could have skipped this.

We also ordered items from the regular a la carte menu, but they turned out to be letdowns. The foie gras with mango and calvados was overly seared to the brink of ruin. And what's with the gratuitous use of alfalfa sprouts in so many of their dishes?

Spinach gnocchi verdi. Overcooked to the point of stiffness and stodginess.

Tyrell's Cabernet Merlot 2005 (Australia). Light & easy, OK with the food.

Putrajaya Marriott.


  1. eh! i thot i posted a comment?
    Was saying.. is the FG in the heart of the steak? looks really rather good!

  2. wow..looks like not many trucks go over to putrajaya = not so fresh food?

  3. aiyo..so sad. No MIGF award for them this year! ;p

  4. if the dishes couldn't please our fussy eater, Sean.. no point coming here already. Everybody take note :)

  5. ciki: yep, that's foie in the steak centre. looks interesting, but alas, it made no difference to how the steak tasted...
    joe: dunno ... maybe no reason to replenish fresh stock often enough, since not many customers?
    tng: will wait and see. could spring a surprise!
    leo: haha, i'm the opposite of a fussy eater. but yeah, there better be a good reason to drive all the way to putrajaya...

  6. really ar.. how sad. looks good tho!

  7. ciki: yeah, the food mostly seemed to be designed well, but tasted blah. so sad...