Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blue Grass @ Asian Heritage Row

Asian Heritage Row's dining scene has been slowly dying, so we were excited when The Blue Grass Restaurant & Bar opened here this week. Sadly, it's not in the same league as the other outlets that have closed on this once-thriving row.

Blue Grass has a menu of local and Western offerings that seem too ordinary, even though the food itself is reasonably well-prepared and fairly priced. The taufu sumbat, stuffed with cucumber, carrots and bean sprout, served with Thai chilli sauce, tasted healthy but bland.

Lamb perattal, a dry, spicy curry with bread. Decent but unmemorable.

Mushroom fried rice. A rather hearty portion. Not too oily or salty, thankfully.

Singapore fried beehoon. Lacked wok hei, but generously filled with seafood.

Illusion (vodka, peach liqueur, melon liqueur, lime, pineapple juice) and Singapore Sling (gin, cherry brandy, lime juice, soda, grenadine, bitters).

Blue Grass,
Asian Heritage Row.


  1. aiyo, such mediocre offerings?

  2. Errrr Village Park's food looks more enticing that this.

  3. reminds me of the row of restaurants in krabi..

    something local with something western..

  4. Is Asian Heritage Row doomed for good now? I don't recall having read anything good about it for a while now.

  5. tng: yeah, sighhh. they have some western stuff like lamb chops too, but didn't try those...
    qwazymonkey: i wanna try village park's nasi lemak, but they close too early on weekdays!
    joe: those restaurants are better, hopefully!
    550ml: it's looking rather dire right now. a mexican restaurant is opening soon, but not sure if that will reverse its fortunes...

  6. asian heritage row is normally associated with clubbing scene... I witnessed restaurants which opened only to be closed later... sigh!!!

  7. leo: yeah, but even the clubs are not doing well these days...

  8. Uhm, boring? You may be right about Asian Heritage Row's dining scene slowly dying out... :P

  9. lfb: yeah ... wasted potential!

  10. oh no! what's closed down? i haven't been in donkey's

  11. haz: so many... bisou... kristang... the ivy...