Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Xenri: MIGF & More @ Menara Hap Seng

An oasis of calm, with a solid MIGF menu for RM230++ with sake & wine.

There's a plus point: Xenri's staff will snap a photo of festival menu customers at their table and print it out for them to keep as a souvenir.

Homemade chilled beancurd with Hotaru squid ink sauce. Smooth and silky; one of the healthiest-tasting items we've tried on our MIGF spree.

Premium tuna belly, Hokkaido wild-caught scampi and Japanese Green Sea Urchin. A visual marvel, with an ice igloo housing the tuna. Taste-wise, everything was satisfyingly fresh.

Slow-poached salmon skin roll in Tsubame ginger broth. Warm & comforting.

Grilled Kobe Wagyu in fresh soy yuba skin parcel (it's actually in the background of this pic, since the accompanying prawn head looked more photogenic). Tender and meaty.

Japanese rice mixed with baby sardine wrapped in Magnolia leaf. Probably the least successful item. Overly mushy and lacking in flavour.

Homemade Sunny Side Up. A cool dessert comprising tofu with peach mousse.

The MIGF menu was rather light, so we also ordered items from the regular a la carte menu. The chawanmushi with foie gras, king crab & caviar was served gorgeously in eggshells.

Foie gras with unagi. An unbeatable combo; worth returning for this by itself.

Chitose Tsuru Junmai Tachotzuru Sake, organically grown La Motte Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc 2008, Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir 2005, South Africa.

Menara Hap Seng.


  1. well i suppose the cost of the meal all went to the wagyu n sashimi..

  2. true, u have a point ... the other items wouldn't have been too pricey by themselves...

  3. it's about good packaging... although the ingredients have to be fresh and top notch as well. With good presentation... it's good to go for MIGF!

  4. only one more week of migf before it all ends! :D

  5. Teeheehee! Not sure why but I couldn't help giggling at the Sunny side up dessert! It looks so cute without being cloying! Even my indifference to dessert wavers!

  6. ahhhh, a soulmate ... i usually skip dessert too, but i'm kinda glad that these migf menus are giving me a chance to discover the sweet tooth i never thought i had :D

  7. Correction: The Xenri's Homemade Sunny Side-Up's "egg white" is actually Vanilla Pannacotta, not Tofu.

  8. oops, thanks for the clarification! =)

  9. I enjoy my meal at Xenri also.. was quite amused by the Igloo sashimi :o) Hmmm.. i wonder why the staff did not take a snap shot of me whilst i ate the MIGF menu !

  10. lil: yeah, xenri's food really is visually appealing. hmmmm, maybe they forgot somehow...

  11. each time i see foie gras in xenri, i cant help but burst out laughing. we had a REALLY bad experience with it.

  12. augustdiners: yikes. foie gras can be hard to get right, but the one here that night was really good!