Monday, October 19, 2009

Teeq Brasserie @ Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Perched on Lot 10's eighth-floor rooftop, Teeq is sleek, spare and stylish.

The food here is very good. Chef Kevin Cape has concocted a compact menu that makes a harmonious marriage of East and West.

Soft-shell crab with pomelo & coconut salad. A terrific, tangy tastebud-tickler.

Beef carpaccio is taken to new heights with simple sides of poached egg, fresh leaves and shaved pecorino cheese. Break the yolk, mix it up with everything else, then take a bite for an explosion of flavours.

The medallion herb-scented cod with potato gnocchi in tomato sauce was out of this world. Undeniably one of the best cods we've ever tasted; succulent and matched brilliantly with a sauce that was somehow both light and luxurious.

The slow-cooked confit of salmon with braised fennel and citrus fruit in soya ginger and orange jus was a letdown in comparison. The salmon was slightly overcooked and not as moist as it should have been for a confit.

We're full of praise for the honey-glazed duck confit with orange-perfumed risotto and red wine jus. Duck confit can often be too salty, but this was perfect. The skin was crisp, the flesh was fork-tender, and the taste was everything that we love in duck meat.

The slow-braised grain-fed beef cheek infused with miso sake and Asian spices with chive mash and thick onion rings was a hearty serving, but would have been better if it had been less gamey. Still, this would work very well as comfort food for carnivores.

Teak Tweak cocktail (citrus vodka, lychee, passion fruit) and Kaffir Mojito (vodka, coconut rum, kaffir lime, lemongrass, wild ginger).

Mozart Gold Choco Cream & Chateau Baron Philippe De Bellade (Bordeaux).

Lot 10.


  1. Exciting new place! I was there a couple of days ago and they were still moving the furniture in.

    Would definitely love to taste what the Shook chef have planned for this outlet

  2. it looks like they still need more furniture! there's so much space separating the tables, but i guess that gives customers more privacy.
    the menu is limited compared to shook, but still enough choices to justify a few more visits =)

  3. yup, Lot 10 is set to excite with its launch. I however, have yet to see much "upgrade" in terms of the shopping complex, still quite drab.

  4. minimal is about what i would call it..the chairs seem abit "cheap" and "bare" too..its like a chiq place without being too classy..

    rootz was quite fun..

  5. Oh about time Lot 10 got a bit of airtime! The mall has just been losing its mojo for the longest time... and there's never anything good to eat there! That's some sexy looking cod there!

  6. tng: yeah, the rooftop gym has been doing well for several months now, but looks like the rest of the mall will only be upgraded later...
    joe: heheh, i almost forgot about the sad-looking furniture! couldn't make it for the club launch, but will try to check it out soon :D
    500ml: yep, lot 10 hasn't been cool since the 90s. let's cross our fingers that this revival will work out...

  7. my friend invited me for the launching last week but I was outstation :(

  8. leo: on the bright side, launchess are usually not the best day to properly check out a place, since it'll be crowded and the food won't be as good...

  9. wow.. i didn't know bout Teeq.. must go man;)

  10. ciki: i think u'll like it! :D

  11. jonjon: kinda depends on what you order, but u can have a decent two-course meal here without drinks for between RM50-80...

  12. i was there tonight, the decor was bare, tables and chairs look cheap. The menu was a let down, i went there expecting mordern european fusion cuisine, but instead i see tom yum, cantonese noodle, and various asian cuisine, just not the kind of place i would go for food like these... makes me feel like i just walked into a hotel coffee shop!!! Anyway.. didn't stick around to try the food, after almost 15 minutes at the table, no one approached us to take our order or even to offer a glass of water, we decided to leave the restaurant. Bare in mind that ther were only 2 other tables!! so obvious ly they were not busy!!

  13. chun-ching: yikes, it's really strange that the service was so terrible. wonder what went wrong...

  14. aw man... i was going to go later....

    *morale broken*

    looks like its fish and chips for me!

  15. Hey, please let me know what is their phone number? i'll need to make a reservation to go there... anyone can help?

  16. anita: it's 03-2782 3555