Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dynasty: MIGF & More @ Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Not the biggest Chinese restaurant around, but Dynasty's stately decor is impressive in its own right. The MIGF menu here is a decent deal for RM119++ without wine.

Wok-seared scallop with walnut oil & tossed eggplant (kinda forgettable), organic carrot ball with pumpkin puree (comfort foodish), chilled farm chicken with Szechuan spice chilli (this meat jelly is probably an acquired taste).

Double-boiled shark fin and chicken consomme with wood ear mushroom dumpling. Packed with ingredients, but a bit on the bland side.

Yin Yang Prawns (crispy prawn with hawthorne berry reduction & silver prawn ball with crab roe sauce). Two very different prawn preparations. Both competently cooked, but the latter let the prawn's natural flavour shine.

Lamb cutlet with Mongolian sauce and grilled leek. The lamb was too fatty and the sauce tasted too much like the black pepper sauces that often come with Western steaks.

Somen noodles in sweet yellow wine with five-spice roasted duck. Tasted nice and healthy (even though the luscious, tender duck slices were somewhat oily).

Barley sherbet with herbal jelly and mini-dumplings (satisfyingly refreshing) and salted egg yolk layer cake (too dried out).

We also ordered some items from the regular a la carte menu. The "Four Seasons" appetiser platter comprised crispy prawn wrapped with rice paper & black sesame seed, steamed fish maw topped with Chinese parsley superior sauce, cod in filo pastry, and pan-seared scallop with Szechuan bean sauce. All were OK, but none wowed us.

The menu called this "Famous Soo Chow Stuffed Gluten" with pork and pumpkin. We had never heard of it before but managed to enjoy it despite being rather full by now. Would have preferred the pumpkin to be mushier, but this was still a well-executed dish.

Renaissance Hotel.


  1. salted egg yolk layer cake?? thinks I will go for the MIGF menus and ask only for the desserts..
    so many new innovative sweets!

  2. oh yeah, i usually don't order desserts, but this festival is giving me a chance to sample lotsa sweet stuff :D

  3. only 1 in the bag..

    the lamb cutlets doesn look out of place in a western restaurant..

  4. yeah, all the chinese outlets seem to be doing fusion stuff for their migf menus...

  5. u really damn rich rite, going one by one. I envy!

  6. it'll be maggi mee for dinner everyday next month for me! :D

  7. fwar.. i just leave for one week , uv MIGFed the place to death la.. LOL.. how now? u left nothing for us to try ..

  8. i've only done 13 migf menus so far (including reviews not posted yet)! still got 10 more to go!

  9. sean: its worth it though... right?

  10. wilson: it's been fun so far! :D