Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Brew Cafe @ Yap Kwan Seng

A furniture gallery that doubles as an eatery, True Brew Cafe isn't the most popular place on this street, but it's worth seeking out for a peaceful dinner.

The menu is well thought out, offering wholesome dishes with fun twists.

Vegetarian bah kut teh. All that's missing is the pork. But once you get past that, this is surprisingly tasty. All the ingredients are top-notch, even the rice.

Fried rice. This may lack the 'wok hei' that everybody loves, but it's recommended for those who prefer fried rice to be less oily. Generously packed with prawns and dried scallop bits.

Banrai-nobu tofu with wasabi flavouring. Cooked over a mini-stove fire at our table for 15 minutes, this turned out to be wonderfully soft and silky. The wasabi flavouring added a nice kick that made it less bland.

Ajishi-no Sakura Cookies. Not bad, but not really exciting.

Pineapple tarts. Loved this. Tasted freshly baked. Warm, soft and comforting.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. We're not coffee addicts, but this was OK.

True Brew Cafe,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.
Tel: 2168-8299


  1. Yap Kwan Seng? Part of a furniture shop somemore?
    Nvr knew it existed but hey..that plc got some makan outlets in office buildings like Ambank etc..

  2. i can't get past the bkt w/o the pork.. how?! (kidding)

    that table with the alpha legs.. so cute the dajishi-no sakura looks lk something i wld lk to try!

  3. the tofu looks like the set i bought from isetan awhile ago..add some powder here, a sauce there and voila!

  4. aiya!! I forgot that I'd read about this place in The Star long time ago... thanks for the review.

    "All the ingredients are top-notch, even the rice"
    What about the price??? LOL!!!

  5. nomad: i've driven past those outlets, but haven't checked them out yet!
    ciki: yeah, some ppl might find the furniture more interesting than the food!
    joe: oooh ... this was the first time i had seen this method of preparing tofu...
    thule: ahhhh ... yeah, prices are slightly steep ... about RM 15-RM 25 for the mains...