Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Inn of Four Seasons @ Holiday Villa Subang

I love how this outlet's name conjures impressions of a magical location. In reality, it's just another Chinese restaurant that serves decent food. Service is cordial & professional, which makes us sorry that this place isn't more popular.

Our final dumpling for this season. Glutinous rice stuffed with roast duck, salted egg, chestnuts & conpoy. Not bad for a halal dumpling.

Garoupa fillets with chives. An overly fishy taste marred this healthy dish.

Braised gingko nuts and beancurd skin with vegetables. This lived up to our hopes; a seemingly ordinary recipe, but really satisfying when executed well.

Roasted crispy chicken over glutinous rice with spices that lent a nice twist to a common dish. Not sure what most of the spices were, except for star anise.

Braised eggplant with cuttlefish and shrimp in claypot. Lovely comfort food.

Pan-fried minced beancurd "pi pa" style. Not bad; pretty smooth and fresh.

The Inn of Four Seasons,
Holiday Villa Subang.
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  1. Thanks for you information. Didn't know that there's a good Chinese restaurant in Holiday Villa. Perhaps I could suggest this to my parents as family dinner. ^^

  2. actually, the emperor at sheraton subang is better, though it's pricier than this one...

  3. ahhh..now u remind me..there's one of these Subang hotels..tht serves beggar's chic. RM80 i think for a bird. highly recom by a fren..but i dont rmbr which hotel

  4. hmmm might be the emperor ... didn't see beggar's chicken on the menu here...