Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fitou Brasserie @ Desa Park City

Probably Desa Park City's best restaurant. Perhaps the only one in this neighbourhood with foie gras and Iberico ham on the menu.

Take a table by the waterfront to savour a serene view of the lake.

A fair range of wines is available, with some as low as RM60 per bottle.

Iberico pork back ribs. Fatty, succulent and drenched in a tangy sauce.

Paella, brimming with seafood and chicken. A bit bland, but it was a staggering serving that could easily feed three or four people.

Wild Coast Shiraz Cabernet. A steal at RM60. Went well with the food.

Closing time: You don't have to go home but you can't stay here (Semisonic; 1998).

Fitou Brasserie,
Desa Park City.
Tel: 6280-8978


  1. Yums! Stumbled in here for wine after dinner at Rakuzen a few doors away and the menu looked interesting. The paella looks a tad ill though... too much saffron?

  2. i already liked this place eating there about 6 months ago! knew it had potential la , and i loved the view...

    looks like the food still average hor? but the WINE! now that's a steal;)

  3. for RM60.. definitely a steal!! Coming here soon... since it got your stamp of approval :)

  4. 550ml: i blame it on the harsh camera flash! :D
    ciki: yeah, there's better food to be found elsewhere, but the view is hard to duplicate!
    thule: hope u enjoy it! but do check out reviews by other bloggers first, cos they would have ordered more than me.

  5. Please don't ever goto this place anymore.

    A 5 inches long rat dropped from the ceiling when I paid the bill at the wine cellar!!

    I told the owner, a french guy, about it and he didn't even apologized to me.

    A true story from the resident of desa park city

  6. This is a f**king restaurant... the waiters are not friendly, not polite, rude... here's why...

    A happy outing turned furious...!
    Yesterday was out with a grp of friends yumcha in Fitou Brasserie (in Desa Park City, the first restaurant, it has a giant screen to watch world cup)...
    We ordered a drink each n enjoyed watching Uruguay vs South Korea... After finishing our drinks, the waiter quickly cleaned our table, we thought it was a GD SERVICE...
    Then the bill came, I ask the waiter,"We didn't ask 4 bill," the waiter replied,"The rule is like that, u nd to pay." Then we didn't care much, we just pay him n continue the exciting world cup match...
    After a while, the most f**king experience in my life happens... An indian waiter asked us to leave bcoz we don't hv drinks on our table anymore, (as mentioned, the glasses hv been cleaned), we told them we alr ordered n finished drinks n we just 1 2 sit down n watch world cup, he called another indian guy come with very arrogant voice(like wan to fight), he forced us to leave unless we order new drinks... What a nonsense!!!!
    That time i just wanna give him a heavy punch n dig his eyes out... but my friends ask me to leave, don't spoil our party mood... So we angrily moved to our next station to continue the match...
    Dear friends, let's boycott this stupid f**king restaurant... They r just $$-minded ppl, not friendly at all, they don't deserve our $$$! I hope to see them bankrupt soon!!! Pls support me!