Friday, June 5, 2009


We hurried here for pre-dinner nibbles to find that Max had moved from Tengkat Tong Shin to this relatively secluded bungalow (formerly a European restaurant called Munchhaus).

This place is completely differently from the old Max. It's exactly like Munchhaus, with lots of designer furniture for sale, making this both a restaurant and a showroom.

The food is unmistakably Max _ creative, well-cooked and always worthwhile. 

Peekytoe crab timbale with herbed cucumber-tomato salad and caperberries on gazpacho. An enjoyable twist to regular crab salads. The puny portion, however, left us wanting more. Definitely not for sharing!

Roasted beet salad with warm haloumi cheese, sunflower seeds & granhill apple vinaigrette. OK; might have liked this more if we were big fans of salads.

Chardonnay-glazed frog legs with pesto herbs, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and shaved fennel. The sauce was addictively flavourful, while the frog legs were large, tender and meaty.

Prosecco Batasiolo Cascine (Italy). Went well with the food.

Jalan Jati, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang.


  1. The food and ambiance look good. But I don't take both beef and frog. Guess they have other alternatives right?

  2. Jalan Jati is where Fukuya is? I'm keen to go look at the furniture!

  3. Hmmm, frog legs sounds very promising. I was drooling over my friend's description of frog legs from Ma Maison the other day.

  4. definitely put on top of the list to "re-try"

  5. sugar bean: oh yeah, chicken, fish, lamb, etc...
    carolyn: prety near fukuya... it's more of a lane right behind noble house...
    boo: dunno if this is correct, but heard that ma maison is closing?
    joe: i don't think you'll be disappointed! :D

  6. Ms. JazzMay 26, 2010

    yummays my fav restaurant (other than silverspoon that is :D)~!! btw, do u ever eat home?

  7. ms jazz: heheh, i don't have any cooking appliances at home, so the answer is no. and i need to learn how to cook first :D