Friday, June 19, 2009

Oriental Pearl @ Bukit Jalil

Tai Thong's so-called "Unbelievable Promotions" piqued our curiosity, so we headed to their outlet in Bukit Jalil's golf resort to check it out.

The set dinner packages for this offer basically cost around RM 20 per person, with a fairly wide range of dishes to choose from. Nothing thrilling though, just regular stuff such as chicken soup.

The crispy roast duck was terrible. Dry, overcooked and stale-tasting.

The steamed grass carp with minced ginger was OK. Reasonably fresh.

Braised beancurd with mixed seafood and mushrooms. A "safe" dish.

Hunan-style fried mantis prawns. The description sounded interesting, but the prawns themselves were instantly forgettable. More batter than prawn meat.

Sauteed broccoli with Chinese wine. We were skeptical about the wine content.

Mango pudding dessert to wrap up a lacklustre dinner.
The verdict: an affordable promo with plenty of food choices, but portion sizes are not filling enough and none of the dishes will excite the tastebuds.

Oriental Pearl,
Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort.


  1. Hmmm whatever inspired the mantis prawn moniker? An observation of humanity's lack of substance, akin to batter?? I've yet to encounter an inspiring dining experience at Tai Thong outlets, although have heard they can deliver sporadically.

  2. for RM20 per person.. you get soup, chicken, fish, prawn, broccoli, beancurd and dessert... at Tai Thong wo... can't complain much :)

    Never had lunch or dinner at Tai Thong before, but their Sat dim sum fared quite OK with me.

  3. 550ml: hey it's hunan-style, not human-style! :D i've had good experiences at subang's tai thong, but yeah, not much excitement here.
    thule: haven't tried dim sum yet, but i usually skip lunch anyway. :D the variety of food for the set promotion was good, but the quality was poor.

  4. LOL!!! HUNAN! HAHAHA!! Shame shame! Was reading and commenting too early this morning!! :-P

  5. Oops, looks like it's not that good after all?

    Haha, I made the same mistake as 550ml actually, it's just that human style sounds funny and I read it again, and realised it's Hunan, haha! Tricky!

  6. yeah, not really worthwhile...
    gosh, at first i thought i made a typo. :D