Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ying Ker Lou @ The Curve

Click here for previous review of Ying Ker Lou (Sunway Pyramid, Feb. 8).
We visited their branch at The Curve to try the poon choi. Their smallest serving is recommended for five people, but we assured the waiter that two of us could gobble it all up.

The "big bowl feast" came with braised pork, prawns, chicken, mushrooms, beancurd and veggies over a layer of noodles.
Everything tasted ordinary, without the magical synergy for which poon choi is renowned. Maybe it was because they inserted lots of noodles, instead of more diverse ingredients such as duck and fish. For RM168 (before tax and service charge), customers deserve better.
But yes, we managed to finish nearly all of it (except for some noodles).

Ying Ker Lou,
The Curve.


  1. only so-so? what a waste of stomach space..

  2. that is the reason why I have not stepped inside the restaurant :) but I heard that their abacus dish is commendable... maybe u should give it a try soon.

  3. joe: not worth it even if share by 5 actually.
    ciki: yeah. and we were struggling by the end.
    thule: ooh yeah, i did try their abacus previously. not bad. :D

  4. I only had the hakka lui cha and the braised pork..pretty gd. Guess the Poon Choi needed more "kung fu" which they lacked..

  5. haha... yeah, some of the dishes we tried previously here were good, so we thought the poon choi would be worth checking out too. mana tahu...