Monday, June 22, 2009

Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

A strikingly colourful restaurant with a menu that's bursting with temptations.

Grab a table by the gorgeous garden for a soothing view, especially at night.

Monkfish liver in ponzu sauce. Nicknamed the "foie gras of the ocean," this was briny, delicate and absolutely delectable.

Amberjack sashimi in garlic sauce. Lots of veggies made this a healthy platter.

Escargot baked in garlic butter. Heaps of tasty escargot slices in the shell, cooked in flames that turned a simple dish into a spectacle.

Golden roll, generously laden with roasted sea eel & mango slices.

Minced tuna belly sushi. Overshadowed by the other more flamboyant items.

Kampung chicken with wasabi sauce. Tender chunks in a flavourful batter.

Fermented bean soup to warm both the stomach and the soul.

Deep-fried shishamo with cheese. A very different way of eating shishamo.

Salmon carpaccio. Not the paper-thin variety, but sliced very thickly instead.

Snow crab tempura. This was perfect; the batter was not too oily, too thick or too soggy. The crab was satisfyingly meaty too.

Cold sake to wash down one of the nicest Japanese meals we've had in ages.

Kin Shui Tei,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.
Tel: 7804-2079


  1. The presentation of the food looks quite different. A little fusion I guess. Haven't try shishamo with cheese before, wonder how would it be. Nice photos!

  2. that flambe escargot looks truly amazing. Did it have that flamed smoky taste?

  3. sugar bean: thanks. yeah, there are lots of interesting twists to the food here. the shishamo with cheese was nice ... the cheese gave it a rather creamy texture, and the batter was crisp...
    ciki: it didn't really taste smoky actually, even though the flames burned for quite awhile. maybe the garlic butter sauce taste was too strong...

  4. ohhh this looks awesome with the items they use..surely costs a bomb?

  5. surprisingly, no ... i think it's fair to say that prices are similar to fukuya or hajime...

  6. Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.. mesti mahal la.. lol!!!

  7. not that bad, really... we over-ordered, but if u order sensibly, RM50 per person is enough...

  8. Amberjack sashimi's caught my eye! A mindblowing feast, as per usual! ;-P

  9. monkfish in ponzu ...ohh..yum yums.. Unka's a member..

  10. unka's a member of monkfish? :P

  11. 550ml: definitely one of my better meals in recent weeks...
    nomad & ciki: a member of the golf resort? i think that means he gets a hefty discount for the food!

  12. LOL! Nope, he only got 10% off!

  13. i was there last week. u must try the mango salad. generous ingredients - lots of salmon. worth every sen!

  14. ahh thanks! will remember that the next time. :D