Saturday, June 20, 2009

Damansara Village Steamboat

I'm generally not a fan of steamboat, but this place is pretty worthwhile.

The Pulau Ketam seafood is superbly fresh. We particularly love the prawns and crabs, which are sweet, juicy and meaty. Definitely worth returning for.

Prices may seem slightly high, but the variety and portion sizes make up for it.

Some side dishes are also worth ordering. The village chicken is lip-smackingly good, thanks to the silky smooth skin.

Paper-wrapped chicken is the only letdown. Not tender or flavorful enough.

Damansara Village Steamboat,
Damansara Kim.
Tel: 7803-1832


  1. o fan of steambot either but the recent (or ot so recent) "trend" of eat-all u -can for RM24++ in the sunway mentari area for both steamboat & BBQ is pretty value for $ too.
    They hv many types of soup base as well as desserts, grilled seafood & ice-cream!

  2. heard that the popular ones in that area are always too crowded ... and i guess i'm kinda skeptical about the freshness and quality of the food for all-u-can-eat at those prices...

  3. Isn't this place owned by Patrick Teoh? Did you by any chance bump into any gliterati from the Malaysian Entertainment Scene? The setting looks idyllic and Kampung like. Must try it out soon.

  4. yep, it's his place ... no celebrities, mostly happy families! :D