Friday, June 26, 2009

Neway @ Subang

We sang our hearts out but wished we hadn't been forced to order the food.

Heftily priced tidbits are mandatory for every room. Can you say rip-off?

One of the worst pizzas ever. Soggy and gross-tasting.

Deep-fried calamari. Crisp and nicely battered, but too salty.

Fried meat dumplings. A hearty portion, but scarcely worth eating.

Neway Karaoke Box,
Jaya Square, Subang Jaya.


  1. well thats how they survive..

    but isnt their buffet dinners quite decent..remembered an okay one awhile ago..

  2. What I want to know is what your song choices were for the evening as the alcohol consumption progressed... c'mon, out with it! ;-)

  3. huge k-fan here! haha! i actually prefer red box but then again, food at both joints are equally bad. red box plus at pavilion is still ok but it's relatively more expensive.

  4. ROFL .. sean! look at the places u normally eat.. aisay man.. of kors the karaoke is lousy lar..

    LOL. but honestly la, no excuse rite? they shouldn't force you to order bad food.. that's just not on:(

  5. Those tit-bits are mandatory! Apart from the Kampai, everything looked dull huh?? Lol...
    But it's better than Redbox I'd say... the service attitude in Redbox had gone from bad to worse.
    My bro and sis were having fun in Redbox Sunway on one particular Saturday night... and stayed until closing time. Since they had not finished their drinks, they requested to the waiter to wait for another 10 min or so... u know what happened?? Someone outside their room shouted "hamkachan" loudly... and they almost got into a fight... I wonder how Redbox managed to stay in business if this keeps going on??? Their beer is also diluted with water... making them bloated!

  6. joe: actually i'm just thankful that we didn't suffer food poisoning. :D
    550ml: i don't need no alcohol to release my inhibitions! but i can confirm our song choices ranged from diana ross to britney spears. :D
    nic: hear they have oysters at their buffet, rite? i like karaoke, but hate being forced to eat there. :D
    ciki: ya lor ... i can tolerate mediocre food, but this was the worst meal i've had all year!
    leo: gosh ... i guess they can't go out of business because there are so many karaoke fans. i guess in the end, nobody really goes there for the food, drinks or service... but too bad that experience kinda spoiled the fun for your family

  7. ehh..the last time i went the buffet was good worr..what happened??

  8. hmmm, maybe their buffet is better than their a la carte? or maybe these were leftovers from the dinner buffet...