Friday, June 26, 2009

Tenji @ SohoKL

A victim of its own success, Tenji isn't as good as it was barely 6 months ago, but there are still some worthwhile items to be enjoyed here.

Some of our favourites are the ones cooked to order and brought to customers at the table, including the nicely battered soft-shell crab.

Thai-style garoupa. Takes ages to arrive, but it's worth the wait!

The grilled lamb is decent; tender, meaty and not overcooked.

Salmon belly. Satisfyingly fatty, offering a melt-in-your mouth sensation.

The cod is OK too; at least it's moist and retains its natural flavour.



  1. belly gud the salmon belly :P

  2. bellygood? isn't that a restaurant in sunway? :P

  3. hahaha... I guess the craze was when this place offered discounts during promotional period... the waiting list is as long as 2 weeks... those lucky ones got lucky but I didn't join in the craze!
    Economy not so good these days... for +-RM100 per pax... considered steep for most people. But I'm darn sure that if they start offering discounts again... it will be packed full house once again.
    We are Malaysian mah... only Megasale can attract us!!! Lol

  4. heh ... yeah, i think they've recently been offering discounts for supper period after 9.30pm ... might be worth it if u can skip dinner and wait until 9.30pm to start eating! :D

  5. eh how come i never saw the grilled lamb!!! cheat my money ;-0

  6. i think it's relatively new-ish! :D