Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urban @ Istana Hotel

Click here for previous review of Urban (May 5).

The customizable salads here are brilliant. The restaurant lets you mix and match your own choices from a vast variety of available ingredients. 
Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the kitchen always whips up a perfectly proportioned creation. This one comprises hydro lettuce, radicchio, cilantro, parsley, pine nuts, jou jou bread, soft boiled egg and rosemary honey soy.

Bay scallops with butter and herb sauce. A succulent pleasure.

Feta & pumpkin tortellini. Looks like a puny portion, but it was pretty filling.

Australian rice-crusted seabass with organic bok choy, crispy salt and pepper squid, lemongrass coconut stock and coriander. Skillfully concocted.

Istana Hotel.
Tel: 2144-0111


  1. mix and match your own salads?? I like!
    Nvr knew Istana got this place..alws tot its Sagar and their coffee house buffets..which was so-so the last time i had the tea buffet..

  2. ya, it's quite hidden in the hotel ... hmmm, this reminds me that i've not been to sagar...

  3. Wow, you post really fast. :)

    Nice ambiance, with piano too, do they play it all the time?

  4. nope! i've been here a few times, but i've never seen the piano being played!

  5. Ah, Urban is always on the list but kinda forgotten. I've only eaten at the Chinese restaurant and coffeehouse at Istana Hotel before - Chinese was not too bad and coffehouse was so so, nothing memorable.

  6. i've actually never tried the chinese restaurant ... i think it's no longer even operational!