Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flying Chillies @ Mid Valley Gardens

There's a comforting sense of familiarity at SEA Cuisine's chain of mall outlets.

The "fire pot" of seafood and river prawn tom yam might not be spicy enough for true chilli lovers, but we were sweating buckets halfway through this.

The omelette with minced prawns was very oily but very tasty. Sighhh.

Flying Chillies,
The Gardens.
Tel: 2287-7708


  1. Ooh yes, I'm one of those who would be very content with just one pot of tomyam, provided it's at a precise level of heat. Hey waitaminute, where's the booze?? :-P

  2. omg, what kind of reputation have i cultivated?!

  3. oily but tasty??
    One time a bunch of frens went, i couldn't make it cos of last min appt..and verdict was tht the food was not good..u find it ok?

  4. sinfully tasty! or maybe it was msg?!?
    only tried two dishes, but seems to be of the same quality as this chain's other outlets in bangsar village, pavilion, etc ... not great, but good enough...

  5. I went to this place quite some time ago. Don't really like the food, presentation and taste was quite average. Service was bad and they didn't allow us to take photos of their environment! Didn't revisit ever since.

  6. i guess the policy on taking snapshots has changed, thank goodness! but yeah, the food is definitely not great but i think it's OK...