Monday, June 1, 2009

Pyongyang Restaurant @ Ampang

Billed as KL's only North Korean restaurant, Pyongyang offers nightly performances with Korean waitresses singing, dancing and playing musical instruments (one lass even crooned Memory from Cats).

Having dinner here was stressful because the staff sought to prevent us from taking photographs. We were even barred from writing down what we had ordered from the menu. So all these pictures had to be shot surreptitiously.

Salad of raw bellflower roots. Definitely an acquired taste. Chewy and extremely salty. We really, really tried to finish this, but we couldn't.

Flavourful fish soup. Too much pepper, but the fish tasted nice and fresh.

Sea urchin eggs. Also incredibly salty. Kinda tasted like salmon roe.

Iced noodles. I liked this, but my friend did not. The gelatinous noodles were bland on their own, but they went very well with the the pork, egg and other ingredients in the soup.

Pyongyang Restaurant,
Lorong Palas, Off Jalan Ampang.


  1. LOL, it's Korean day! You posted on North, mine's South Korean. Read abt this place in Klue too and was going to give it a try! Thxs for the tip on the no taking pixs part. The iced noodles looks like what we ate too.

  2. North korean...seems tht the attitude here very "north korean" too!
    so "ulu"= old fashion thinking"..

    wont be surprised if they have not heard of food bloggers!

  3. boo: happy coincidences! :D
    nomad: there was actually a big language barrier. we tried to explain why we were taking the photos, but they couldn't understand us.

  4. O.o I didn't know there's a North Korean restaurant in KL. Thanks for the information. Wonder what's the difference between North and South Korean food...

    Hate it when the staff prohibited us from taking photos... Tried it in Flying Chillies The Gardens before, where they didn't allow us to take photos on their environment. :(

  5. This looks very interesting, if inedible food! And something doesn't look right about the restaurant - hasn't got the feel of an eatery, more of a hall turned into a temporary makan place.
    Most interesting entry!

  6. sugar bean: most of it seems the same actually. lots of bbq meat, which we didn't order. regarding photos, sometimes it's a matter of luck also? i recently went to flying chillies, and i took lotsa pics. but maybe the waiters didn't notice...
    carolyn: you're right! it originally was more of a community hall. it would be the ideal place to hold an indoor political ceramah...

  7. don't mention ceramah! sigh, sigh, manek urai. it's 2 hours from KB. sobbbb.

  8. There's something distinctly utilitarian about the look of this place! Brother Kim will definitely approve!

  9. wonder whether the waitresses are secretly spies from his intelligence agency...

  10. i managed to visit this restaurant with a korean colleague. it was a fascinating experience. she explained to me that the waitresses are ACTUAL north koreans (she could barely make out what they were saying)... probably daughters of politicians to be able to come for a "summer internship" outside their own country, hence, the "ulu" attitude mentioned above.

    she did the ordering, and it was very good. i recommend some kind of liquor called tulljuksul which is apparently made of some kind of plant you can only find in n. korea. i also like the cold noodle featured above.

  11. thanks for the tip on tulljuksul! will definitely look out for it at other korean restaurants. am not too keen to return to this one for now. :D

  12. unfortunately you won't be able to find it in other korean restaurants (apparently lah). it's the favoured drink of "dear leader". i got the spelling wrong... it's tul jjuk sul. south koreans won't be caught dead with it... haha. but for future reference... paektusan tul jjuk sul, or anglicised baekdusan duljuksul (blueberry wine) :) enjoy. and be warned... it's lethal!

  13. that's quite a mouthful to pronounce and remember! but no worries, i can usually drink enough alcohol on a single night to kill a (small) horse. :D

  14. Hey guys! This is not the only Pyongyang Restaurant exist in KL.