Saturday, June 13, 2009

Serai Satay Bar @ Pavilion

Lotsa yummy Malay snacks that you can take away or eat around the counter.

The chicken, beef and lamb satay comprised lean meat of surprisingly high quality. The peanut sauce was thick, chunky and aromatic.

Also had the tripe satay; wanted to try the venison one, but they ran out of that.

Keropok lekor. Firm and flavourful, without being too fishy or starchy.

The banana fritters could have been crispier; the vanilla sauce was too watery. 

Serai Satay Bar,


  1. Is this place newly opened? I don't think I saw it before. But makes me crave for satay in the middle of midnight! Miss Malaysian food so much!

  2. tripe satay sounds lk something i wld lk to try. also i lk the fact tt u can see the serai marinade on the meat of the satay! can imagine how nice it tastes/smells! how much per satay stick?

  3. sugar bean: yeps, think it's about a month old.
    ciki: the chicken/ lamb/ beef combo costs about 10 ringgit for six sticks. the tripe is nearly 5 ringgit for three sticks.