Monday, May 25, 2009

The Village @ Putrajaya Pullman Lakeside

Nestled near the Putrajaya convention centre, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is hardly humming with crowds, but it's worth checking out for the serenity and quaint ambience.

The Village is the most interesting outlet here, serving tapas on the lakefront.

A spacious, breezy site, but the furniture kinda clashed with the surroundings.

Despite the lack of customers, the food is not bad. The tartar of smoked salmon, mackerel and snapper tasted both fresh and refreshing!

Anchovies, cream cheese and smoked piquillo peppers on toast. We should have realized how salty this would be. Pretty yummy nonetheless.

Foie gras with blueberry coulis and brioche. Can't go wrong with foie gras.

The Village,
Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside.
Tel: 8890-0000


  1. my my..putrajaya..nvr been there!!
    anchovies is not somethin i'll eat w bread but foie gras..oh yeah..;)

  2. i've been forced to go to putrajaya countless times because of work, but there are very few worthwhile makan places there...

  3. yums! foie gras always perks up life for me.

  4. Yummm... your working meals sure put mine to shame, haha!! I wouldn't mine some fish tartar to go with this yucky instant coffee I have on my table rigt now!

  5. boo: yeah, hopefully it'll never get banned!
    550ml: actually this wasn't a working meal ... usually when i'm on assignment in putrajaya, i get out and return to kl as quick as i can! :D

  6. i was just going to say that i thought the furniture was cool! more fun than the usual humdrum stuff.
    actually, i kind-of like some parts of putrajaya when I'm not there for work. sadly, in my mind, putrajaya is associated with work, work, work!

  7. but they look more like food court furniture!
    putrajaya lacks any practical purpose for me. i appreciate the lack of traffic, but there seems to be no place really worth visiting there...