Thursday, May 14, 2009


The folks behind Cafe Chulo aren't resting on their laurels. Opiumm is their latest venture, also in Jaya One, with a focus on back-to-basics Chinese fare.

The offerings here are so-so. Nothing terribly wrong with their Hokkien Mee; we could tell that they put genuine effort into it, but it lacked oomph.

Opiumm Golden Fried Rice. Again, acceptable but unremarkable.

Honey Margarita, Fruity Chulo Punch and Terres De Guirande white wine.

Even though the food misses the bull's-eye, this could still become one of Jaya One's coolest spots for chilling out. Service is friendly and fairly efficient.

Jaya One.


  1. jaya so many outlets..head-spinning!

  2. Ooh THAT's what it was! Was wondering what it was all by itself upstairs but too lazy to find its entrance that evening! Coolness, one more joint at Jaya One to blow my wages and sobriety!

  3. nomad: ya lor. luckily they have directories all over the places!
    550ml: heheh ... yeah, its location might be a bit of a disadvantage...

  4. it is halal? if it is, it explains why the hokkien mee is lacking of ooohm!

  5. yeps, it's halal! good explanation! :D

  6. How's the pricing for drinks? I'm looking for a new hangout place... =)

  7. very reasonably priced! the glass of wine was about RM15, the margarita RM22...